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Friday, January 11, 2008

Like we were kids

Alphabet's not just for kids.

Zachariah got the fridge magnets for Christmas. My aunt made them for him. He's played with them a little bit, but mostly they've just been fun for Matt and I to leave each other messages.

Here are two of the messages left there.

Then last night this message was left:

The response found there this morning:

There is only 1 of each letter, so we have to get a little creative. I think this has endless entertainment value though.


2Forgetful said...

LOL! LOVE your notes. Too funny.

When I brought home a set of 26 board books, one letter on the cover of each book, my husband spent an hour trying to write a sentence using every letter.

andria said...

The only note I got with our letters was four years ago....bitch. Fun times.

jen said...

When I was in college, my roommate and I used to do this in the shower for fun (non-sexy fun!) One of our shampoo bottles had letters that came off in your hand.. the printing on the bottle was defective and I wiped it on the wall, realized they stuck, and then the potential for rearranging was endless! I wish I had a digital camera back then to take pictures of that.

mamashine said...

That's hilarious. My parents live with us so I couldn't really do that. But it would be fun! :)

d e v a n said...

cute! (at least till z can spell...)

Anonymous said...

How fun!! Love the ones from last night and this morning.

Sarah said...

We used to do that too. We generally just did really immature stuff, like "fart." Comic geniuses, we.

Misty said...

so cute!!! Now is the time to come up with code words for once he can read!