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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thank you & boredom

Thanks for all your advice from yesterday. We have not had any more climbing adventures since then. I did move the little cradle away from his bed in case that made it more tempting.

Tonight choir started again at my church. We've had a few weeks off after Christmas. We're doing something different this time. For the next 3 weeks we're becoming a worship choir and essentially leading worship along with the band. I think it will be neat. I had thought about taking a little time off and not participating in this. Then I remembered that this is, most weeks, my only night out alone. I like that I can get away for a few hours and do something fun for me.

This week has seemed sluggish and slow, and yet I have not been able to get much done. I think we've just been mostly lazy. Maybe it's just that post-holiday let-down. I was excited that my grandmother and sister might come to visit this week. It would help break up the ho-hums. But when I talked to my grandma yesterday, she decided to wait until next week. We've gotten a lot of rain the past few days and there has been some flooding in surrounding areas. She's afraid to run into closed roads on the way here. I can't blame her. I'll really need the company by the time she comes next week.


2Forgetful said...

You time is so important. I need one night out a week or I go a little crazy.

January is always a sluggish month. I haven't even blogged once this whole month.

Misty said...

personal time is so important!!! hang in there... I feel like so many of us are still trying to catch up after the December chaos.

Shannon said...

Keep your me time! I need to take my own advice, too!

Nowheymama said...

Ah, January. Blah.

I always have to force Scott out the door to choir. The first step is the hardest.

Saly said...

It's nice that you have that outlet. Our church choir meets on Sunday mornings before services which does not work for me.

kari and kijsa said...

It always seems harder to get our engines running after the new year!! That first little site of spring does our hearts good!!!

kari & kijsa