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Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, I've decided that we're going to a mall in Beavercreek, near Dayton. I've never been there. (If you have, let me know what you think.) It looks like it has a lot of stuff there. I plan to take Matt out for a nice breakfast on Monday morning, then we'll head that way. They have a movie theater there. I didn't realize there were so many movie showing right now that I'd like to see. After thinking about it and seeing my options, I've decided we'll see "P.S. I Love You". Last time we were looking for a movie, Matt mentioned that he'd like to see a good romantic movie. (Yes, he's cool like that. He'll go for a good romance most of the time...sometimes more often than me.) So, I thought this would be a good movie to go for. Of course, if he sees something else better when we get there, I might change my mind. Then there are two of his favorite restaurants, that we don't have here, at that mall. I plan to let him choose between Max & Erma's and Red Robin for a late lunch/early supper. Then we can go shop at Frederick's (my main reason for choosing this location, plus then I found other things I'd like to do). We don't have one around here, and they carry lingerie in plus sizes. So, just go ahead and guess why Matt's been wanting to go there. There is a Target store not too far, so I'd like to hit that up too. We don't have one here, and I like to get to Target every chance I get (which isn't often enough). After we're done we'll have to head home (then another hour north) to pick up Zachariah.

I'm really looking forward to this. Matt is really looking forward to this. He's just exciting that I'm planning something and he knows nothing about it. I don't do this very often. He usually plans all our trips and getaways. I think I will keep it a secret from him. He'll probably want to drive, so I can just program it in the GPS and not let him see it. I'll set it so he can tell where to turn and that's it. :) I think he likes a little surprise, so this will be good.

My mom is coming tomorrow afternoon to pick up Zachariah. We're just planning to go to small group as always on Sunday nights. It will be much more relaxing and enjoyable not having to chase a toddler around the whole time, though. Then we can come home, watch Amazing Race, and not worry about putting a cranky baby to bed. I can't wait. It will be wonderful. I think it's just the thing we need.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of fun - have a great time!!!

Kelsey said...

Oh -- you guys will be so close to our neck of the woods. You'll be about two minutes from Wright State University where I got my master's degree. I am feeling a little anti-malls today (the effects of being at the mall with a toddler too many times) but the one at Fairfield Commons has a TON of stores and is a very nice mall. The movie theater there is huge too. Have fun!!!

(Too bad we can't "double date" but we, alas, will not be childless on Monday!)

Emily said...

That's my hometown! When I was in junior high, there was this huge controversy about building "The Mall" and how it was going to tear down all this farmland and we didn't need another mall, etc., but of course, the corporate world won out. So I will never forget October of my junior year of high school - people stood in very long lines for the doors to open. It has changed Beavercreek quite a bit, but it is nice and now I can't imagine it without it. Of course I don't live there anymore, but have fun! I love that you're having a date in the Creek!

d e v a n said...

That sounds so fun!!

Saly said...

I can't wait to see how your day went. Did I ever tell you I used to work at Frederick's? I love their stuff!