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Monday, January 7, 2008

Relaxing evening

I'm sitting here with my feet up, just relaxing. Zachariah is snug in his bed, freshly cleaned. Matt is in the chair next to me with his feet up and a drink in his hand. We're relaxed...for now.

Why this relaxation (and now excitement)? We're watching our Ohio State Buckeyes play the college football national championship game. We're more reluctant this year, because last year we went in the same championship game with high hopes and were disappointed. But this year our team earned their way into the top of the standings. Then we stood by for a few weeks and waited while we were slowly moved to the #1 team in the nation. We were shocked and amazed. And now we're hoping and praying for an awesome win.

(While I was writing this the game started. The Buckeyes scored a touchdown within the first 1 1/2 minutes of the game. A tell of the rest to come? I don't know, but it gives me even more hope.)

We're excited and will be proud of our team whether they win or lose tonight. GO BUCKEYES!

**Edited to add: We're playing the LSU Tigers. And we're still winning!**


Anonymous said...

I hope they win! Of course, I have no idea who they're playing (or that they were playing at all), but I wish them luck for your sake!

Mommy Daisy said...

Thanks, Jana. We appreciate anyone rooting for us. I updated to add that we're playing the LSU Tigers. (And we're still winning. It's 10-3 before the 1st quarter is even over.)