Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Broken fever and bed rest

First an update on Zachariah. He is feeling much better this morning. Thanks for your well wishes. He woke up happy and wanting to eat. That's back to normal for him. He ate a good breakfast, then went to play with his toys and chased the dog. Yep, I believe he's back to his normal self.

I heard from Matt's aunt today. His cousin is expecting twins in a few months or so. She went in for an ultrasound that does a full body scan for each baby. During this they discovered that she was having contractions and her cervix was thin. They immediately hospitalized her and monitored her that night. The next day they did surgery to tie up the cervix. She came through the surgery well. Cheryl is on complete bed rest for 24 hours after the surgery. The doctor said she would probably remain on "hospitalized" bed rest until the babies arrive. The doctors would like to have her go at least 32 weeks, she is currently 20 weeks. She and her family are just taking it day by day and considering each day a blessing. This is her first pregnancy. Everything has gone perfectly until this. She didn't have any morning sickness or anything. Please if you will pray for Cheryl and the babies (and her family) or send good thoughts her way.


GM's Mom said...


I stumbled across your blog from "amazing trips" and I read your post about your friend and bedrest. I too had a cerclage and was on bedrest for 20 weeks. 16 weeks straight. My thoughts are with Cheryl and if she needs someone to chat with send her to my blog. It isn't easy but so worth it in the end!

PS I delivered at 36w3d, a beautiful little girl who will be 3 next month!

Mommy Brain said...

Wow, just catching up after my month away from the blog world. Your friend should contact her local Mothers of Multiples club. Most of them have outreach for moms of twins/triplets/etc who are on bed rest. It really helps to talk to someone who's been there.