Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain, babies, and pregnant ladies

We needed this rain. We were in a drought. But did we have to get a whole summer's worth of rain in one day? Did we really? And the forecast for the rest of the week is rain, rain, and more rain. Yuck! The problem here is that we have sprung a leak. The roof is leaking around the chimney. It is dripping into our utility closet onto the furnace, hot water heater, and other things. There is not much we can do about it right now. Matt is quite concerned about it. I know it's probably a problem, but I don't know how seriously to take him. You see, Matt is a worrier. He comes by it honestly, as his mother is a worrier too. So he goes to the worst case scenario and sometimes exaggerates problems. I will just stand back and let him take care of it. I can offer my help if it's needed. For now we have to wait until it stops raining. That doesn't look promising to be any time soon.

My co worker's daughter had her baby this weekend. This makes her a first-time grandma. The daughter is only 17 years old. She'll soon be starting her senior year in high school. She lives in an apartment with friends. The baby came 4 weeks early and surprised everyone. The girl had planned with her friends to go tent camping in Kentucky 2 weeks from now. Her mom asked her what she'd do it she went into labor. She said "I guess I'll go outside the tent and give birth to the baby". Wow, very immature. I knew this before, but geesh! Anyway, now she's happy that the baby was born in the hospital instead of in the middle of nowhere. He is in the special care nursery on oxygen. I haven't heard many more details, so I don't know if there is a bigger problem or it's just from his prematurity. I know that during labor she had her mother, the baby's father (her ex-boyfriend), and her current boyfriend in the room. Another ex-boyfriend and her father were in the waiting room. Oh my. I guess the nurse mentioned that it seemed like a soap opera. The mother told her she had no idea how bad it really is. I honestly didn't know. I knew they had been through a lot with their daughter, but I didn't know many of the details. Anyway, I'm praying for the baby. I pray that everything will be fine with him and he'll be able to come home soon. I pray that this girl will be a wonderful mother, and I hope that she lets her loving parents help her.

Matt's cousin, Cheryl, is still in the hospital. I just found out today that she is in a hospital about 50 miles from her home. And the plan is for her to stay there in this room for the duration of her pregnancy. I thought at some point she'd be able to continue bed rest from home, but she will not. That poor girl. Wow, I really feel bad for her. We will try to go visit her sometime, even though it is quite a drive for us too. Matt's family has a website that she can keep in touch with everyone through. Luckily she was able to get a laptop from her workplace. Another of Matt's cousins, Holly, has 6 year old twins. She's been able to support Cheryl by sharing her story of being on bed rest from 18 weeks on. And she recently miscarried what that thought could be twins. I think there is a lot of support in this family, and it's very good.

I saw Semi-Desperate Housewife at church on Sunday. It was so good to see her out and about. I knew that she was getting off bed restrictions, so I had made her cookies and brought them to her. She is looking great, and her baby belly looks so cute. Honestly I didn't know all about her pregnancy problems, I wouldn't have guessed any complications from looking at her. She's the perfect picture of a glowing pregnant woman. I think she's been a real trooper through this whole thing. And I hope that the cookies helped life her spirit a bit.


Jana said...

Oh my goodness....all of those babies (and mommies) are being added to my prayers asap. I just hate hearing about irresponsible teenagers having babies; I just have to comfort my fertility-challenged self by filing it under the "life isn't fair" category of my brain (and heart).

desperate housewife said...

They certainly did! Chocolate can do a lot for a person's morale. Thanks again!

Sara said...

Aaah pregnant ladies. Makes me want to be one of them.

KatieBug (ksl) said...

My husband is a big worrier too. And his mom is even worse.

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Yikes, that's quite a story about the 17 yo mom. Scary.

Man, I'm glad I'm done with pregnancy!