Monday, August 6, 2007

Forever Friends

Last week I got to visit with an old friend from high school. She and I and a few others used to hang together all the time. We were great friends, confidants, and always had fun when we were together. We were the good girls who still knew how to have a fun time.

As to be expected, after high school we all went our own ways. We got together for weddings mostly. And we are all married now (the last of us 5 got married in December). I was the first to be married. But I was the 2nd to have a baby. My friend Brenda got married 3 years ago and got pregnant on her honeymoon or shortly after. She was the first to get pregnant. Then a year later I had my Zachariah, and two months after that our friend Sara had a little boy too. Just after I had my son, Brenda found out she was pregnant again. This girl is fertile. We have never seen each others children, except in pictures. She moved to Little Rock, Arkansas shortly after getting married. That is quite a ways away from where we both grew up in Northwest Ohio.

Brenda and her family are moving now. Her husband is starting a new job in South Bend, IN, which is so much closer. She came to visit her family while her husband is getting things moved. So she called to see if I'd like to get together while she was in the area. I went to my mom's house, because it is near where she was staying. She brought her little ones over, and we had such a great time catching up.

Unfortunately I forgot about having my camera most of the time, but I managed to steal a few shots of her kids. Brenda has not changed one bit since high school. She looks great. Also here are her children: Maggie is 27 months old and Tommy is 7 months old. They are both adorable and sweet and remind me of their mother. It took them a while to warm up to me, and even then their mom had to be nearby. I can't blame them, sometimes kids are just that way. Just because my kid isn't afraid of anyone (unless he thinks I'm leaving him), doesn't mean other peoples kids should be that way.

Zachariah was trying to make friends with all of them. When Maggie was reluctant to come in the door, Zachariah went and got a book and gave it to her. I'm not sure why he did this, but it got her inside. She loves books as much as he does. And Tommy thought it was great having another boy around. Zac wanted to hug and kiss him.

After they left my mom asked how it was seeing my friend with her children. I told her it just seemed natural. We still talked like we always have. We just had a little more catching up to do since it's been so long since we've seen each other. But since I have a child too, it didn't seem weird seeing her with the kids. I can see she has her hands full with two so close in age. It makes me feel OK about not having another one quite yet. It was also nice just to get together with another mom one-on-one like that. I don't really do that. I don't have any good mother friends.

So, Brenda taught me many things in a few hours, but here are the two most important. First, I need to keep in better touch with these friends I had in high school. We had a bond like no other. And secondly, I need to find some mommies around here to hang out with. It would be nice to have a friend nearby to hang out with and let our kids play together. I see what I've missed out on already.

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jen said...

aw, I'm glad you guys had a good time. I have a friend who had 2 kids and the youngest was 2 before we finally got the kids together. It was like you said, we just picked up where we left off. We'd been talking online every day the whole time though. And she finally moved closer to me, but I too need to find a local buddy. It's so hard to make friends later, I always thought I'd be able to make friends through my kids by signing them up for classes at the Y but it seems most mothers there just don't want to be bothered.