Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Money mayhem

I hate when Matt buys things for himself. He immediately stresses out about how we're going to pay for things the rest of the month. Which is really silly, because we budget our money and track where it's going. He's only using money for clothes that he already budgeted for clothes. Ahhh.

He goes on and on and gets so stressed that I absorb it and feel terribly stressed too. Then I begin to wonder if I should go to work full-time or get a weekend job, just so we can afford to keep clothes on our backs.

But as soon as we get home, he turns on the computer, checks the bank account, and declares that everything will be OK. There is enough money after all. We're right on budget, and there is still more than enough money in our savings account.

Why does he do this? I have no idea. I think any big purchase just pushes him over the edge for some reason. And tonight it was just buying new clothes.

I think he panicked when he saw the total of his clothes and Zachariah's. He had already mentally calculated what the total would be on what he was buying. Then I go and throw in 3 outfits for Zac, and panic-mode is in full effect.

I just need to remember that he always does this. There really is no reason to listen to him go on and on about money, and how he can't even buy the ice cream at the grocery store that he wanted because he's not sure we have enough money. We always have enough money. And usually, even with budgeting, we always have extra money to put into something that we hadn't planned on. What is it with men and money?


MrsGrumpy said...

I don't know, but my husband does pretty much the same thing. He also has spent the 11 years of our marriage saying that "things are slowing up at work" and we will have to "tighten up". In 11 years things have never really slowed up for longer than 2 weeks and I still spend most of the time freaking out over the thought of it.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'm the one who does that! :)

I do know a lot of men who do it though. I think it's just whoever's in charge of the money freaks out about it sometimes.