Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cause it's MY blog

I've been really boring lately. The things I could blog about, I don't really feel like it right now. So, since I haven't posted as much lately, I thought I should give you something. Since it's my blog, I'm showing you new pictures of my adorable 17 month old son. So there.
This was taken at the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo. We went there on Saturday with my parents. Grandpa and Grandma took Zachariah for a river ride through the Australian outback. He loved it, but he wanted to get in the water. Then when I took this picture, he wanted to get out and come see me. I was running through the exhibit waiting to see them come through, so I could snap a few pictures.
A few weeks ago we took Zachariah to the park in the town near my parents' house. I thought this was a cute father/son moment. Usually I take Zac to the park on my own. So it was really fun to see Matt chasing him around, helping him play on anything he wanted, again and again sometimes.
Finally, a cute picture of my son being cheesy. He hasn't gotten the hang of smiling for the camera yet, but this particular day this is what he did what I aimed the camera at him and said "smile".

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Shelly said...

He is freaking adorable!!!