Friday, August 31, 2007

OBs, babies, and working out

I should be dusting the living room right now, since I've put it off all day. Or putting dishes away. Or making dinner before my husband gets home. But I felt like blogging for a little while. So, those other things can wait for a short while.

Matt just found out the my OB is moving out of town. He is not allowed to do that! I love my OB. And I was hoping to go back to him when it was time with another pregnancy. Having him here was one of my two good reasons not to leave this town. He treated me like I was his only patient. He's the only doctor in his office, so I always say him and only him for my appointments. I don't know if I'll find another doctor like him. His nurse (who is also his wife and half his age) was great. And she was pregnant with their first child when I was pregnant. Their baby was born about 3 months after Zachariah, and he was really cute. I'll miss the energy and funny speech of this doctor. I hope that I can move on and be happy with someone new for my next pregnancy.

If you didn't know already, Semi-Desperate Housewife had her baby yesterday. If you haven't already, please go congratulate her. And doesn't she look beautiful for having just given birth in those photos. I'm very jealous. I was thinking about going to the hospital to see her today, but I can't picture taking a toddler along while visiting in a small hospital room. So, at this point I will wait until she is happy and comfortable at home with that new baby. Then I'll take some brownies and a gift for the baby to her. I can't wait to hold that little cutie.

I have worked out every day this week. That's pretty good for me. I'm feeling pretty motivated to do it right now. I worked almost twice as long today...just because it felt good. Crazy! I know. I was thinking about starting a weight loss/exercise blog just to put some of my thoughts into words. If I do I probably won't make it public right away. Plus who knows how long I'll stick with this. If I were, for example, to work out all weekend and next week, then maybe I would actually have something to write about. I should probably see if I could stick to it first. I know (from past experiences) when I workout faithfully, I will lose weight. And I definitely want/need to lose plenty. I hope I can keep this up.


Jana said...

Good for you with the exercise! You really should start an exercise blog; I'm probably not the only who would get inspired to work out by reading about your successes.

Anonymous said...

I worked out every day this week, too. I can't say I actually enjoyed it, so you're one up on me, but that's great!!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'll read it! :) I'm not so good at working out and need all the help I can get.