Thursday, August 9, 2007


I had this post ready to submit, then we lost our Internet again for the rest of the day, so here I am FINALLY on Friday able to post this. Let's hope nothing stops me this time.

I have had too many things going on here lately. I think I'll just let this post be a rambling one. Then maybe I'll feel like I'm all caught up, instead of worrying that I haven't post in 2 days.

1. We lost our Internet yesterday. I had spent the whole morning trying to finish a book that was due back at the library that day. So, I hadn't even turned my laptop on *gasp*. I usually have it on all day long, and check blogs and e-mail whenever I had a spare moment or two. It was off for the whole rest of the day. Our cable Internet provider had problems that took longer than expected to fix. So, finally I can check blogs and post a new one today.

2. I have been reading like crazy lately. I'm not sure why, but I do tend to go in spurts. Part of the reason is I realized on Saturday that all my books were due back to the library on Wednesday, and I still had 2 books to finish. So, I read one over the course of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Then sometime Tuesday afternoon or evening I started the last book, and I finished it before noon on Wednesday. Then since we didn't have Internet and I was bored, I took the books back and got more. I already started one, and I'm almost half through it already. I just read whenever I had a few stolen moments and don't feel like being on the computer or watching TV or cleaning or take care of my kiddo.

3. Today I watched my friend's son for a little while. She was in a pinch and needed a sitter. I didn't mind. It was nice to have someone for Zachariah to play with for a while. They did play OK with each other, but I broke up some little spats. The other little boy is 21 months, so he's just a little older than Zac (who is 17 months). He's definitely more aggressive. Zachariah got beamed a few times. And to be fair Zachariah smacked him in the head once or twice. Mostly the problems were that they wanted to play with whatever toy the other one had. All in all it was fun, and it makes me appreciate that I only have one rowdy little boy this age.

4. I have been a grouch this week. The last two days I have gotten bad in the evenings. About the time Matt gets home from work, I have lost my patience with Zachariah. It could be the heat. It could be PMS. It could be that after having a week away from tutoring, now that I'm back into I'm getting overwhelmed. It was nice not having to drag a kid out if I didn't have to. And Zachariah could take as long as an afternoon nap as he wanted. When I do tutor, I often have to wake him up from his afternoon nap to get there on time.

Anyway, Matt had to point out that I've been stressed. He thinks I just need a break. While a little get away would be nice, I think I need more than one break. I think it's time to talk to him about offering me more help with Zachariah in the evenings. He jumps in and helps when he has to, but mostly I'm taking care of everything as far as feeding him supper, cleaning up, getting ready for bed, bathing, snack, and then putting him into bed. I think it's time for him to take on one of those responsibilities every day. It would be nice if he would give Zac his bath every night or something.

But I'll still take that night away that he's offering. (He even told me to invite a friend.)

5. Sometimes I feel like a bad wife. I do a lot for my husband, but I wonder if there is something that I'm missing. Maybe some things around the house or whatever that he'd really like me to do that I don't. Maybe he'd like me to make him a hot breakfast every morning and pack his lunch for him. Maybe he'd like all his shirts ironed each morning. Matt seems content most of the time, but I do wonder if there is something extra that I could do for him...just because. I want to keep my husband happy.

6. I have not been working out. I did Day 1 of the C25K program last Monday. Since then...nothing. I haven't been terrible motivated, and I've been keeping really busy. I need to get back. I really should be exercising.

7. Our August is so full of activity. If we have to add one more thing to the calendar, I might scream. There are three family get-togethers coming up. All with different parts of our families. It will be fun though. Matt's brother is coming for a visit from Kansas, so it's always good to see him.

8. I bought a few more fall outfits for Zachariah the other night. I'm rather pleased with them. I did take pictures, but I'll post them some other time for you. Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the mall again for some retail therapy. After I was there earlier in the week, I have thought of things I'd like to go back and get.


kristi said...

I haven't packed my husband's lunch in years. But I don't consider myself a bad wife...far from it!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

What are you reading?

Mommy Daisy said...

I read two Tracie Peterson books: "Castles" and "Kansas". Then I was reading Beverly Lewis's "Crossroads" and "the Postcard". I have moved onto "The Redemption of Sarah Cain" by Beverlt Lewis, and I also borrowed the Westward Chronicles by Tracie Peterson and Judith Pella.