Monday, August 6, 2007

Shopping and a new "do"

I was at the mall today with Zachariah. I knew I needed to stop at Old Navy, especially after Swistle was talking all about their online sale. And yes! they had an in-store sale too.

We found this hat, and since Zachariah loves hats I thought I'd get it for him. In the store it was on sale for 1/2 price, so we got it for $2.75 YEAH! Then they had several of these polo shirts for $7.00 each. I love polo shirts, and Zachariah can wear them well.
And when I was looking on a clearance rack, I found this denim jacket. There were about 4 on the rack. 3 of them were 3T sizes, and the other one was a 12-18 month. That's about what I thought he'd wear, so I tried it on him. There is plenty of room, so I think it will make a nice fall jacket. AND it was way cheaper than it is online. There was not a tag on the size I needed, but all the others were marked $7.99. I took one of those up to the register, and he was able to ring it up that way. YEAH! Great deal. And I love it.
And the guy running the register made a good point. These would look good together. So, there you have it. Cute, huh? I think with jeans or khaki pants this will make a great outfit.
After looking online I found some other cute shirts that I just may have to go back and get. We'll see. I think a few of those long-sleeved T-shirts might be nice. And they've been giving me surveys. I fill them out online then get 10% off my purchase. That's always great.

I was disappointed the The Children's Place didn't have any sales in the store AT ALL. They have all their new fall line out, but everything else was basically gone. Hmm, I don't usually like shopping online, but maybe I will this once. I see a few things there that I'd this T-shirt. Ugh, they're out of our size. Oh well, guess I won't get things from there after all.


Tonight I cut Zachariah's hair...again. This is his 3rd haircut. His 2nd this summer alone. I went a little shorter this time. I didn't buzz it too short, so I'm hoping my mom won't kill me. She liked it a bit longer. I think he looks good with it like this. I'm trying to find a good "before" picture, so you can see the difference. I was able to get it pretty even, so I think it looks good.

Before (Also a funny picture. Matt found him in a box pulling all the toys in with him.)

After (Eating his snack tonight.)


KatieBug (ksl) said...

His hair looks great! My mom likes my boys' hair to be longer than I do it as well. I say if she wants to shell out the $26 dollars for them to go to the barber she can choose what the hair looks like. Otherwise it is buzz cuts all around. :)

Great deals on the clothes! Very cute.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Makes him look like such a big boy! And I love the new clothes. :)

Sarah said...

Thank you, for your helpful comments about Old Navy sizing. Now I'm just in a frenzy - I've ordered way too much stuff (luckily, it can be returned, but I pity the poor sales person!). I really don't know how to judge what William will be next year, but your comments have helped - maybe the 12-18 would work. Some manufacturers sizes are just so different - he's in a romper now that is 0-3 (he is almost 4 months) and it just now fits. He weighs about 14 1/2 pounds, give or take. I need to stop though - I will end up with about 50 tshirts at this rate and that's just silly!
Your outfit looks adorable (that striped polo is also one of the many that I bought)!.

Thanks again!