Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another one?

I can't stop thinking about babies lately. Well, having one of my own, to be more precise. I'm up late tonight. And what am I doing to occupy my time? Looking at baby names of course. I really don't know why.

Last night I re-organized Zachariah's closet. My excuse was to look and see what clothes he has for the fall season. But I always love going through his cute little clothes. Then I got thinking about baby clothes, and those teeny, tiny sleepers that were oh so soft.

I've been looking at pictures of other people's babies and really missing that infant/newborn stage. I see the little one cuddled on their shoulder, and I remember those precious moments to clearly. I can almost taste that new baby smell. And feel the softness of the baby skin on my arm. And the comfy, soft sleepers.

I've been checking online ovulation calendars. And I think if I was pregnant right now, I'd be due in April. And I would be almost 5 weeks pregnant, just in time to hear the heartbeat.

When I heard Zachariah stirring in his bed a little while ago, I snuck in just to hold him for a little bit. He was so sleepy and cuddled right up, but his feet hang almost to my knees when I cradle him like that. Ahh, for his to be little again. He's gaining so much Independence lately, and it makes me long more and more for those days when he wouldn't let me put him down. I loved sitting there and rocking him for hours each day. Even if I didn't get much time alone, it was nice to hold a little babe in my arms.

I knew it wouldn't last long. And it didn't. And I miss it. And I can't wait to have another baby.


Devan said...

The newborn days really do go by so fast. :(

Jana said...

Do you ever feel a little "twinge" when someone announces on their blog that they're pregnant? A lady who had her first baby three days before my son was born just announced she's expecting and for some reason, my heart sank. I honestly don't know why I felt that way and I still feel guilty about it. I guess it doesn't help that I am so obsessed with "A Baby Story" on TLC, I suppose.

Erica said...

I feel the same way, Jana!! Sundry and Beth are both pregnant and I am SO INCREDIBLY JEALOUS. I am craving tiny little baby feet and little bitty onsies. I hate it like poison that my little girl is growing up so quickly.

Anna said...

I hear you--I never felt the pangs so much when my now three-year-old was an infant, because I always told myself, "this isn't the last time."

but now that my second (and likely last) child is 14-months, the pangs are nearly consuming me as I hold tight to every day.

I envy you your anticipation of another pregnancy and baby! Isn't it wonderful!

andria said...

I have a three month old and I already get a little jealous hearing of newly pregnant ladies. I wonder if that will ever end. My baby already seems big, trying to roll and scoot. I miss the lumpy newborn she once was.

Sara said...

I always wonder if the pangs go away. My kids are so close in age and the "right decision" right now is to not have another one...but I want one so bad! And i read abou people embarking on their third and I just want to cry.

I am so there with you.

Shelly said...

I'm obsessed with babies lately, too, because it seems that suddenly everyone is pregnant again. Except me. Although my obsessing is more wondering if there is any way I could possibly do this again with Baby #2. I wonder if the Magic 8 Ball would give me the answer.

moosh in indy. said...

I missed that gene when they were handing them out.
I'm kinda jealous.

Mommy Daisy said...

Devan- Yes, I know you're experiencing that right now.

Jana- YES, I do that! It's especially bad for me since it took us a while to get pregnant the first time. It was so hard hearing everyone else was pregnant and I was not. I thuoght that would go away since I had a baby, but it hasn't. I still feel that way.

Erica- Love the itsy bitsy clothes!

Anna- I think I'll have a hard time saying a particular one is the last. Maybe that will change some day.

Andria- I felt that way while I was pregnant even, then it never went away.

Sara- I wonder too. I doubt it for me.

Shelly- EVERY ONE...I know! I know for sure I'm ready for more, but my hubby is not quite yet. Otherwise we'd definitely be trying.

MII- Well, some women just don't feel that way. Not a bad thing. Thanks for stopping by. I've been reading you for while with recommendations of others. Love your blog.

CG said...

I love newborns. My Bubbie just turned a year and all of the sudden he is a full fledge toddler.

What Works For Us said...

Newborns are so adorable and grow in the blink of an eye. My infant just turned toddler so I can totally relate