Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shopping, walking, & not pregnant

I was bored this afternoon. I knew Matt had to work late, so I decided it was time for a shopping trip to the mall. I've been wanting to go for a while, but the last few days I just haven't felt like leaving the house. Being alone all day and all evening with a toddler is enough incentive to want to leave the house for a while. I didn't feel like sitting at home any more. Zachariah does really well when we're shopping. There is a lot for him to look at, so he's usually really content.

I had every intention of using a 15% off coupon that I had for The Children's Place. (Here is the online code for 15% off - FMM77 or FMF77; it expires 9/3/07.)But nothing struck my fancy in there. Shocking, because I can usually find something that I like. When I actually want to spend money and have a coupon, I don't see anything. Grr. Oh well, on to Old Navy. Those are the two stores I get most of Zachariah's clothes from. I looked around there and didn't see too much I liked. I did see a few of the long-sleeved shirts that I've mentioned possibly getting before. But they were full-price this time, so I think I'll wait until they are on sale again. I even had a 10% off coupon here, and I bought nothing again.

I was beginning to think I wasn't going to buy any clothes. I stopped into Baby Gap and browsed their clearance rack. There were a few winter sweaters I liked there, but I think I'll wait on that. I saw two cute shirts on clearance that I almost bought, but then I decided not to this time. Then I headed into JC Penny's. I have bought one or two things there before, but not for a while. They were having their buy one get one for $0.88 sale. I found a little denim overall piece and red plaid flannel shirt. Not normally something I'd get, but I like denim overalls on toddlers. It will be a cute outfit for playing outdoors this fall. And they had character outfits on sale. I bought a "Cars" shirt. Zachariah is really into cars and trains lately, so I thought he might like it. It's a striped polo shirt and very cute. I went to one more shop after that, then we took a break for supper. As we were heading back by The Gap after dinner, I decided I wanted to buy two of the shirts I saw in there. They were so cute, I couldn't stop thinking about them after I left the store the first time. There are a few more things in there that I'd like to get, but that will have to wait.

I still felt like walking, so we went on to Elder-Beerman. This is another store I rarely shop for baby clothes at, because I hardly ever find anything I want. They had some cute things for fall this time. I bought two long-sleeved long-john type shirts. These will go well under some of the t-shirts that Zachariah already has, so he can wear them longer this fall and winter. (I can share pictures of clothes later if you're interested.)

It was while I was paying for my purchases that the clerk asked if I'd like to sign up for their baby registry. I looked at her funny and said no thank you. She went on to tell me that it stays open until their first birthday. Again I told her no, while looking at Zachariah. The whole time I'm thinking Zachariah is already older than a year, but maybe she thinks he's younger. Then she said, "What about the one in there?" and points to my stomach! I promptly told her I was not pregnant. She felt so bad and apologized over and over. I told her that was fine.

Now I am a big lady. When I bought this shirt I wondered if it looked too maternity-ish, but I thought no it's a plus-size shirt it shouldn't look that way. Ever since I bought it, I've been waiting for someone to mistake me for being pregnant. It is a really long shirt and it hangs from my chest down. Actually I'm surprised that she's the first person to ask me that since I've worn the shirt. It's funny really, because when I was pregnant people were afraid to ask. I think it's because I am bigger, so they didn't want to wrongly guess. Most people just waited until I said something, until I got bigger of course.

So, my shopping trip ended up being OK. I bought things were I normally don't. But I think that will be a good thing, because he'll have something a little different. The only problem is so far I've bought way more shirts for Zachariah than pants. I will have to stock up on several kinds of pants at some point.

Oh, I did finally work out today. After hearing about the motivation of several other bloggers I love, I got back to working out. I walk/jogged over a mile. I'm hoping to do at least that much tomorrow. And I'm thinking about doing more tonight since I'm home alone and bored now that Zac's in bed. Plus I walked all over the mall. I think I'm doing well. And if being mistaken for being pregnant isn't enough motivation to exercise more and lose weight, then I don't know what is.


Anonymous said...

When I was about seven months pregnant, I was grocery shopping by myself one Saturday afternoon. This lady walked by, pushing a cart with a little boy who was maybe four or five years old. The little boy pointed at me and SHOUTED(!)"Look at how fat she is!"

Ok, yes, I am fat. But, I was also very pregnant and very hormonal. When the lady didn't say anything at all, I shouted right back at the boy, "I'm not fat! I'm pregnant!" The other people in the aisle stifled their snickers as I stormed off.

PS - I'm glad you got some cute fall clothes : )

Jana said...

Good for you! I am so impressed by the mile of walking....you and Erica are putting me to shame. And if your hubby wants his cholesterol to go down, he might want to eat oatmeal for breakfast. My husband and I steel-cut oatmeal with cranberries and almonds every morning (it's on the "You on a Diet" plan that Devan is doing) and his cholesterol went down 70 points in six months (and I've lost 20 pounds - some of it babyweight). Just a thought.

Devan said...

Go you for exercising. Sorry about the pg comment.
Steel cut oats = yummy!

Bananas said...

oh no... there's nothing quite as much of a downer as being mistaken for being pregnant! Good luck on the exercise regimine... I keep trying to get motivated to do that myself!

Anonymous said...

When are people going to learn NEVER to say anything about being pregnant to someone they don't even know? I'm sorry that happened to you.

Do we get pics of the new gear? As I suffer from the same lack of husband syndrome, I'll be hitting the mall tomorrow in search of bargains. Isn't it irritating that when you have money to spend, you hardly find anything you like, but when you're broke cute stuff abounds?