Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More work

I'm at it again. I have been cleaning up a frenzy the last few days. I'm finding moments to clean instead of be lazy like I usually am. (I usually take nap time as my freedom - clean a little, then watch TV, check e-mail, etc.) This morning I did some more deep-cleaning tasks in the kitchen. I scrubbed doors this time.

Then today Swistle issued a cleaning challenge to those of us who would like to dig out. She challenged us to spend 15 minutes de-cluttering an area in our house. Well, there are several areas that need it. I decided no place was better than our awful, messy office. I've been meaning to get to this for months. I started it as a 15 minute project, but it turned into a 45 minute project and there is still more to do as you can see. I put things away, organized other things, cut apart Christmas cards for later use, and even dusted. Oh the dust! Yikes! But I think it looks a lot better. I think Matt will be pleasantly surprised this evening. We'll see if he says anything first.

Oh and last night Matt took Zachariah and I out to eat. We don't do this often, but we both had a free evening. We were able to get an early dinner, so we didn't keep Zac out past bedtime. It was pretty enjoyable. And when I walked back in the house, I kept trying to figure out what that smell was. It was coming from the kitchen. I ignored it for a while, but kept coming back trying to figure out what I was smelling. Then I smacked myself and laughed...it was the smell of a clean house. I had used multi-purpose cleaner in my kitchen bonanza yesterday. Ha! I laughed and told Matt, so this is what a clean house smells like. I think I like it. And now...the office smells like that too. Oh boy, I'm a cleaning monster now.

Off to the side are my before and after pictures of the office desk. Like I said, it still needs more work, but I have to leave very soon to go tutor. So, I had to stop to have time to blog this. Maybe I'll work on it more after the little one goes to bed tonight. We'll see.

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desperate housewife said...

I've had that same thing happen, where I'll walk into the kitchen and sniff the air and say, "What smells weird?" And then an hour later I'm like, "Oh yes. That would be Lysol."