Friday, February 23, 2007

Dot dot dot

I should warn you now - if you don't want to read about my womanly problems along with other things the day has brought, DO NOT READ ANY FARTHER!

You might have already guessed it, I'm having my pesky period. Why must we, as women, endure this time and time again for years and years to come? Normally it doesn't seem so bad, but in the midst of it all it's bad. I will not sugar-coat anything about it today. Now I don't usually have bad periods. I tend to have a light flow and it doesn't last more than 5 days. I've only had it three times now in the last 2 years. Isn't pregnancy and breastfeeding great! Even if just to keep that horrible time of month at bay for a little longer. Since I've had my baby, my periods have started changing a bit. They seem to last forever. The last 2 drug on for about 10 days. I'm only in day 2 this time around, so I'm hoping that it doesn't go on like that. Luckily I've never experienced bad cramps or anything like that. It's just annoying to me. I feel OK today, it's just that I'm in this mood. Part of it is because of m period, and part of it is I'm stuck in the house with a sick baby too.

Poor Zachariah spent almost all day yesterday either sleeping or cuddling on my lap. He was just lethargic all day long. He ran a fever all day too. I gave him Tylenol and lots of love. I even got up to check on him a few times in the night. Then when he got up at his normal time this morning, the fever was gone. I'm glad for that. He still isn't quite himself though. He has a runny nose mostly. First thing this morning, though, he ate and a few minutes later projectile vomited everything back on my and the chair I was standing beside. Eww! So, I cleaned up the mess really quick, and then put some clean clothes on. (I wanted a shower, but I knew he wouldn't cooperate long enough for that to happen.) Fortunately that hasn't happened again, and he has eaten a little bit since then. I have tried 3 times today to get him down for a nap. The kid will not sleep, but he's grouchy as can be. Finally this time he's sleeping, over 5 hours later. I hope he takes a good nap. I want to get a shower so badly. Usually I get a shower and get dressed as soon as I can every morning. Sometimes I wait until he's taking his morning nap, but since he skipped that today I skipped the shower part.

Then to make the matters period is the heaviest flow I've ever experienced! It's driving me nuts. I have a tampon on with a light days pad underneath, because I need both. That's ridiculous. And I'm running to the bathroom every 2 hours to change all that. I've been closing the door, because I need privacy for a bit longer today. Then the kid stands outside crying because I won't let him in! AHH!

I think I'm gaining back a little sanity now that he's sleeping quietly. I think I'll try to get a shower after I'm done typing this. Maybe I'll feel a little more human then. For now I've just been chocolate medicating. It makes me feel better for a few seconds. Then when I'm dressed, I need to pick up all the mess that my son has created. I was trying to get things done, and since he wasn't napping I let him get into things I normally keep him away from. So now things are strewn all over my house. Yikes. If he sleeps long enough, I can get all that done. Then, just maybe I'll feel a little better.


Kelsey said...

I hope tomorrow is an easier ride! I have a theory that most men are babies when they are sick and it is because they don't go through this monthly torture. Women learn at an early age that they just have to suck it up sometimes! My visitor came back only four months after Harper was born, even though I was breast feeding. I felt totally cheated! Not having it was one of the best parts of being pregnant. :-)

desperate housewife said...

Yeah, mine was back three months after delivery. I too was pretty darn irritated. I had really enjoyed not having periods during pregnancy, and I thought breastfeeding was a "get out of PMS free" card. Not so much.
So, are you still breastfeeding then? If you are, good for you! I wanted to until at least a year, but Addy was just not into it, after like the first six months, and all the pumping in the world couldn't keep my milk supply up.
Anyways, that was random information...
I hope you feel better soon, and that you get, um, more regulated!

Mommy Daisy said...

Yikes, I was lucky not to get my period back so soon. I was a little worried that it hadn't come back right away, but I'm not complaining.

Nope, I'm not breastfeeding anymore. My milk supply never went up either. No matter what I did, I didn't get more than about 1 oz. So, I breastfed as much as I could, and then supplemented with formula for quite a while. Then Zachariah got to the point where he refused to breastfeed. He wasn't getting enough to be worth the effort. So, I stopped after 4 months. I hope it will work better next time. I've actually talked to quite a few people who had the same problem, and then went on to have no problems nursing the rest of their children. There is hope for us yet!