Friday, February 16, 2007

Mind readers

How is it that every time I think of an idea for a new blog post, I see someone else post about the same topic? Then I feel like maybe I shouldn't post that blog after all, because it will seem like I'm stepping on their toes. I think there are some mind readers out there. So maybe I'll come back to those topics sometime later.

Here's a different topic. Last night Matt went to a men's dinner at church. I was glad that he went. It's missions week, and it's always a neat thing to hear the missionaries speak. Matt has been very interested in missions on the past few years too. I think that some day he'll go on a missions trip. Anyway, why is it that he can take a night away? He took a friend along and had a fun night. I'm left here to feed the baby supper and entertain him and put him to bed. (Things I do all the time anyway, but that's not the point.) Do I get a night out? Hardly ever! Part of that is because I have a clingy kid. I feel bad leaving him when I know he's unhappy the whole time. But I need time away too. I need to visit with friends and talk to other mothers.

I really haven't searched out other mothers with children Zachariah's age since I had him. I don't really know why. I do desire to have other mother's to get together with. I do have friends with kids, but they either live to far or they work during the day. That's about the only time i have to get together with people. My tutoring keeps me busy in the late afternoons and evenings. By the time I'm done with that, it's off to get Zac ready for bed within an hour or so. I think this is why I've found that I love blogs. I can find other mothers who are going through similar things in life. It's fun to see that I'm not the only one with issues.

Am I resentful towards my husband? Not really. He doesn't really have a lot of guy friends that he can hang out with. So I do think it's good when he can get out to do something like this. I'm done ranting. And I really will be fine, even if I have to be stuck inside with the kid all the time. I do enjoy what I do (raising my son and taking care of the house for my family). And I'd do it all over again.h


Swistle said...

I do get a little crabby at Paul when he goes out--not because he goes out, but because I don't understand how he can overcome that feeling of "shouldn't go out" when I can't. Unfair, I know.

desperate housewife said...

I'm sorry you feel lonely sometimes. I do, too, because most of my long-term friendships are with people who are at very different stages in their lives (college, internships, traveling abroad) and I am here with a baby and pregnant. I have made some friends with kids here in town, mainly thanks to the small groups at church, but I really miss getting to call my friends on a whim and all of us going to a late movie or out to eat or whatever.
Those days are gone, for a long time, and most of the time I am fine with that. But I feel you, I really do.