Friday, February 2, 2007

Groundhog Mayhem

Oh my, I think I'm already tired of seeing all the groundhogs on the news this morning. It's Groundhog Day, yeah! Who decided that a groundhog coming out of its hole could now predict the weather? And why, oh why, did this end up declared a holiday? Truly? A holiday? What really are we celebrating? Sorry, I just find that a little disturbing.

But I do love the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murry and Andie MacDowell. Hmm, maybe I'll watch that this afternoon. Have you seen this movie? Bill Murry's character plays a weatherman stuck in the day February 2nd. The day just keeps playing over and over. When he wakes up each morning, it's February 2nd. He has to learn to change what he does to make the day end differently. Anyway, it's an interesting concept. What do would you live over and over? Maybe a fun day in your childhood. Maybe revisit a holiday you will always remember? Or some other significant (or maybe bad - so you can change it) day in your life.

For me, the only day that comes to mind that I'd like to relive is the day that my son was born. (Yes, I'd go through labor all over again.) It was such a special day, that I would love to experience it again and commit each moment to my memory. Am I crazy for choosing that day? Maybe you would think I was more sane if I chose the day after my son was born, but nope I don't think so.

I suppose I like to treasure every day with my son, and I see him changing and growing every day. Tomorrow he will be 11 months old. Only 1 month (4 little weeks) until his first birthday. I just can't believe that's possible. I was just thinking this morning about a trip to Paris I took with my family when I was 18. I was telling Zachariah, yes, Mommy went to Paris. He perked up like he knew what I was talking about. I told him, that's before you were even thought about. Wow, that's just too hard to imagine anymore. I mean, I had a life before my baby, but now just seems right. I'm sure all you mothers out there know exactly what I mean.

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desperate housewife said...

It is hard to imagine life before Addy. Specifically, what did I talk about all the time? I have baby mentionitis, in that I cannot carry on a conversation that does not revolve around my kid!
I think I would relive Addy's birthday too. Labor was hell, though! It went so fast for me that by the time it got bad and I was overwhelmed, I had missed my epidural window. They gave me morphine instead, which only blurred my mind, not the pain. I wish I could remember more clearly the actual moments of her birth. Next time: epidural!