Friday, February 16, 2007

I can't keep a secret anymore

OK, most of you who read this blog do not know me. All I ask before you continue reading is that if you do know my (or my family), that you keep what I about to write to yourself. I guess at this point we're not too concerned about it, but I would appreciate it for the sake of my work.

Matt is interviewing for a new job. It's a huge deal! We're both ready for a change in our lives. We've been thinking a lot about moving back closer to home (which is about 1-2 hours from here). We really feel like God is leading us to be back closer to our families. Maybe this is because we have a child now and desire to have his family around more often. Whatever the urging, we definitely feel like it will happen at some point.

As we were discussing this, a job opportunity right in Matt's field popped up. It's a great IT job for a company that is opening a new facility. He decided immediately to apply for the job. They were hiring for an assistant position and a lead position. While his education and experience qualify him for the lead position, he didn't think he'd like the job responsibilities based on the job description given. So, he figured he would apply for the assistant job and see where that lead. Within a week he had a phone interview. (The new facility is not even finished with construction, and the headquarters are based in Wisconsin.) Anyway, the interview went VERY well. They seemed quite impressed. Matt has worked in this field for 8 years now, and the things he has experience in would be greatly beneficial to this new job. Towards the end of the interview they asked why he hadn't applied for the team lead position. He told them the 2 main things in the job description that had turned him away. They quickly cleared those up, and then Matt was really interested in that position. They asked him if they could consider him for the team lead job. He readily agreed. Plus that would probably be a better paying job.

So, that all happened about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We haven't heard anything since then. They said they had about 2 weeks of phone screening left, then they would be calling to set up local in-person interviews. Matt called today to see what kind of progress they had made. They just wrapped up the phone interviews and should be calling next week to set up live interviews.

Without getting our hopes up too well, we're really excited about the possibility of this new job opportunity. There is still a long process to go, so who knows what will happen. After the in-person interviews, they will invite final candidates to the Wisconsin facility for tours and make hiring decisions from there. Then there will be a 6-8 week training in either Wisconsin or Illinois. All this will be happening while I'll be stuck home with the baby all alone. It won't really matter, because it will be a great thing if he gets the job.

It will mean a big move for us too. We would have to sell our house and find a new one closer to home. I know it would be a lot of work to accomplish all of this, but it would be worth it. We think this job would pay enough that I wouldn't have to tutor anymore (which is what we prefer anyway).

So, now that it is finally all off my shoulders, I feel a little better. Even if no one ever reads this and it floats off into nowhere. That's fine with me. I'm sure you understand now why I asked you not to tell anyone. I have not told the Learning Center where I tutor that this is happening. I don't really want to say anything until he accepts the position. (He has already told his boss and coworkers that he's interviewing.) It's not that they will be upset where I work, it's just that I don't want to stress out my boss (who happens to be a good friend of mine too) about having to find a replacement for me. I will wait until we're further in the interview process, then I will let her know. Also, while he's going through training I will stay here, so we can sell the house. And I will try to continue tutoring during that time.

Thanks for your discretion. And I will keep you all posted on what happens.


desperate housewife said...

How exciting! And maybe, if this does happen for you guys, being near your family (you have sisters, right?) will help with some of those lonely/isolated feelings. Whenever I need real girl time, I usually call my mom or sister, as lame as that may sound. Being around people you're that comfortable with, and not minding if they see you in sweatpants or if your baby is cranky, is the best medicine.

Kelsey said...

Good luck. We recently had a situation that was somewhat similar, except that it would have moved us farther from both our families, and significantly at that. My husband had applied for a job in Nashville. There were many exciting things about it, but the distance would have been rough. We did not tell a soul about it, not even when he had his phone interview. We figured that if it got far enough that we were going to look at real estate in Nashville, then we'd start to talk. In the end, my Matt did not get that job, which was fine with both of us. We'd have gained things in the move, but also given up a lot, like having family in the next town over. I think you're smart to keep this to yourselves until you have a clearer idea about what might happen. No use getting folks excited/worried/whatever until you're on a more definite path.

By the way, I am originally from Wisconsin, so I am now unreasonably curious as to what the company is! :-)