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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I love shoes!

I didn't get any new computers, but Mama just got a new pair of shoes! Ehhh! I'm practically squealing here. (I really would, but the kiddo is napping and I don't want to wake him.)

I just won Jen at Absolutely Bananas' Keen shoe giveaway!!!

I can't see it in the link for that post, but if you go to her main page and scroll down to the giveaway you can see the picture of the shoe I said I liked. I don't know yet if that's what I'll choose. There are so many options. I can tell you it will definitely be a shoe I get. And it will be just for me. I need a new pair of shoes anyway, and I was already thinking about using my gift card to get some. But now I can use that money for other things.

To be honest, I was just talking to my husband about winning this. The Keen's shoes are so nice. I don't think I've ever owned a pair of shoes so nice. Right now I'm wearing tennis shoes that are 2 years old and starting to come apart (but they still work), and I wear them every day. And the only other pair of shoes that I really have are black dressy ones I wear to church and other nicer events, and I just found out that they are falling apart and that's why they were hurting my feet.

So help me out here. What should I pick from Keen? I can pick anything from their website! Whew, I can see that I'm going to spend hours online tonight picking out the right shoe.


Cherish said...

Congrats! I knew right away when I saw the title of your post that you had won! It sounds like you really need a pair too so enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Yay shoes! So many choices and they're all cute. Good luck picking a pair!

The Workman Family said...

GO you!!!

These are super cute:

They have bags too!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Go you! I think you're the reason I entered in the first place. SO exciting!!!

I like the boots personally, but the mary janes seem like they'd be fun/practical for nearly all year round/long term wear.

2Forgetful said...

Congrats! It sounds like you need something from their market street collection. (I love the MJs!) Something that's not sneakers but not dressy. Happy shoe hunting and keep us posted (no pun intended) on what you pick!