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Monday, December 1, 2008

DVD Review - DVD Gift Sets

The Barney: I Love You Gift Set comes with 3 fun Barney DVDs and a Barney CD with 5 songs on it. When we first got this set of DVDs, it was Zachariah's new favorite. Any time that I let him choose a video, one of these came out. His favorite by far was the "Barney: Let's Go to the Zoo" DVD. He loves in the beginning when they ask what his favorite animal is, and he promptly answers "The zebwa". So cute! The other two DVDS in this set are "Barney: Now I Know My ABCs" and "Barney Songs". They are all so much fun and great for the Barney lover in your life.

Bob The Builder: Big Build Collection is a nice set of Bob DVDs. This set also includes one of Zachariah's new favorite toys - a collectible die-cast Scoop toy. "Bob the Builder: When Bob Became a Builder" tells all about Bob's first job with his dad. "Bob the Builder: Bob's Big Plan" is all about building a new town and the joys and troubles that came from it. And "Bob the Builder: Top Team" is all about teamwork and working together...YES WE CAN! These are all great DVDs with fun episodes and great story lines. Zachariah can never go wrong with Bob the Builder.
Last but not least is the Thomas & Friends: Whistle Express Collection. Any Thomas videos are great at any time. This set includes the DVDs "Thomas the Tank Engine: Carnival Capers", "Thomas the Tank Engine: Calling All Engines", and "Thomas the Tank Engine: Milkshake Muddle". Honestly, I think Zachariah doesn't enjoy Thomas as much as some other action-packed shows. But he really loved the collectible train whistle that came with this set. It is just the right size for him. He had a large train whistle, but he couldn't get his mouth around it enough to make a big sound. This one is perfect for him, plus it's not as loud. Win/win in my book.
These DVD sets are already out at stores. They can also be found online at these links: Hit Entertainment Shop, Amazon- here, here, and here.

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