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Thursday, December 4, 2008

DVD Review & Giveaway: The Christmas Toy

This DVD was so much fun. The Christmas Toy is a Jim Henson movie from the 1980s. Talk about stepping back into my childhood. Wow! I'm pretty sure I saw this movie as a young child, it seemed really familiar.

All the puppets and toys are fun and lovable as all Jim Henson's characters are. They are anticipating Christmas. And the movie is about what new toys might join them. Of course this makes other toys feel left out and jealous. But it's a great life lesson in the end for kids of all ages.

Zachariah is in love with all things Christmas right now. The Christmas Toy has been a great holiday video around here. All the cute little toys and animals and dollies are fun to watch and enjoy.

If you love holiday movies, this is a must have for your collection. I can see that we will enjoy this one for years to come (if we don't wear it out first). It is recommended for ages 2-8 (which is pretty broad), but I think adults will like it as well (especially if you are a child of the 80s).

You can find this movie for purchase here, here, and here, and in stores everywhere.

OR you can win this DVD here! I'm so happy to have a copy available to give away. I know that your kids (and your inner kid) will love this movie.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what your favorite Christmas decoration is/was now or as a child (be sure your e-mail address is available or at least I have it from before). If you'd like a second entry, you can link to this post on your blog. Then come back here and leave another comment with the link to your blog post.

I will be drawing a winner on Saturday, December 6th at 3:00 PM EST and announcing the winner here. Best of luck, and stay tuned for more DVD reviews and giveaway.


Ilissa said...

I remember when I was young I had this little Christmas ornament that said something like baby's first or something and it had a little girl with curly hair holding a pan of cookies. It was super cute and unique. Unfortunately, after many years of use, the cookie pan fell off. Thanks for the chance. This video looks cute.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember this movie at all, though I love Jim Henson.

I have two favorite ornaments, both are ugly. One is a little mailbox my grandma made for me that I would put my letter to Santa in every year on the tree. The other is an angel (ceramic) the same grandma made for me when I was 3 years old. I still have both and they are on the tree (high up) today.

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas lights. I used to love to it when my parents took me out to see them every year. I'm a light snob, tho. I don't like flashing lights or mismatched lights. I prefer solid colors, but mixed colors can look good if they're done right.

Nowheymama said...

When oh when will they release the Muppets and John Denver Christmas special on DVD????

Cherish said...

Man, I typed my whole comment and then it disappeared for some reason. Anyway I was saying that the kids and I loved the fraggle rock dvd collection that melissa got me for xmas a few years ago. I always watch the muppet christmas carol too with them.

I think my favorite christmas thing would be my stocking as a kid, I havent seen it in a few years, but I think Ill have to get it off of my mom.

Cherish said...

Ok, all linked up!

Kelsey said...

I LOVED this show when it was first on television, even though I was probably too old for it. We've had it on VHS for a few years but I would love to trade up for a DVD copy.

Emily said...

I love Jim Henson! And Katy loves the "Muffets" so she would be a fan.

I love Nativity scenes. I am currently gradually collecting the pieces from the Willow Tree collection. Every year I add a little bit to my scene!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen this Jim Henson special - I'm going to have to check it out.

My favorite ornament was a really heavy music box/bell thing that my grandmother brought back to me from Europe (Holland, maybe?). We hang it on our tree every year and it makes me think of her.

Karin said...

Bubble lights on my Grandma's Christmas tree--- always magical!

cpullum said...

Our whole house is Disney!
We love a Disney Christmas!


Deleted said...

I used to love those ornaments that you plug into one of the light sockets on your tree and it would go in circles. My nan had two and it was my favorite thing to watch the ballerina twirl around or the carousel with horses!! I will link this to my blog for another post and hopefully find a link to what I'm talking about :D

THANKS FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN GREAT DVDS!!! You are amazing! *I'll have to post a Mommy daisy only Giveaway sometime!!* lol :D

Deleted said...

Second post, I linked it to my blog and like I said I am giving the links to the ornaments that I love. It moved and lit up like the first link but looked just life the second link (solid brass)

CAQuincy said...

Your blog is just too much fun lately! My favorite decorations.... We had "bubbly lights" on our x-mas tree that I loved. And a pair of red fancy partridges that (the story goes) my mother and grandmother STOLE from a tree in a restaurant. Yeah. My family=high class!

BTW: Shaun the Sheep had my kids (and me) CRACKING UP. I remember seeing one of the episodes on TV somewhat recently--I just can't remember which channel?

CAQuincy said...


Unknown said...

My favorite christmas decoration are the christmas lights!! Oh how I love them and they are so colorful and I also love that there's a ton of people all over decorating their houses it's really nice to see :)

Anonymous said...
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