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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Help! I can't make this decision on my own!

If you didn't know yet, I won a pair of shoes (or anything from their website) from Keen. Jen at Absolutely Bananas is my new best friend. Go give her a hug for me. Keen has all sort of lovely things like shoes for the whole family, socks, and bags (above- Laurel: Port Royale-Beet Red).

I could get a cool pair of shoes that would look great on Matt (see above- Bandon Shoe WP: pinecone), or I could get Zachariah the most rockin' pair of toddler sneakers (below- Targhee: dark gull gray/old gold).

But let's be honest. I won this prize, so it's going to be all about me! I don't very often do nice things for myself, and this is my chance. (below- Wasatch Crest WP: cloud blue/lunar rock)

I could get myself some shoes or a bag (see the cute one above or check out the other neat ones on their site). But I truly need some new shoes. (below- Ventura Suede: pinecone)

Most of the time I wear tennis shoes. Nothing fancy, just some Sketchers I picked up on sale. I have worn my current pair day in and day out for two years now. They are due for replacement soon. (below- Targhee II: charcoal/warm olive)
But let's be real. I truly want a pair of cute shoes just because! I was looking to replace a pair of black, chunky, dressy/casual shoes anyway, so I think that's more of what I'm leaning towards.

And here's where you come in. I need your help to decide.

These (below- Calistoga: Orion Blue) are so adorable! I love the style, and I really like the blue. Problem is that for Christmas my mom ordered me a pair of shoes from Land's End that are blue.

So that makes me think about these black ones with the little flowery things. Cute cute cute! I think these are my second place choice right now (below- Calistoga: black).

Then these (below- Palermo MJ: black) are my first place choice. These are the ones the I told Jen that I would choose, but I thought I might change my mind. After looking at all of the options, I'm still strongly leaning towards these. They are really cute, and I think I could wear them with jeans and my black corduroy pants (which is what I wear everywhere about 85% of the time- jeans or corduroys). I'm hoping these look kinda-dressy and casual...that's what I'm going for.

Here is what I want from you. What would you choose? Keep in mind my opinions and options here. I'm definitely leaning towards my first or second choice. Pick one of those or talk me into something else.
1. Calistoga: black
2. Palemro MJ: black
3. One of the tennis shoe options (which ones?)
4. Something else that I haven't considered that I must have
Go forth and vote! Your opinion is needed and valued. I'm also going to run these by my mom and grandma when they are here tomorrow (they both have good taste). Plus I may run to the store here in town that carries these shoes to try a few on and see them in person. That may sway my decision too.


Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while blog hopping.
The black ones with the flowers for sure!!

The Workman Family said...

I think I like the black ones with flowers a little better than the shiny ones, but not much. I REALLY like the blue ones too. CUTE!

mamashine said...

Just looking at them, I like the flower black ones better, but I can see how the shiny ones would probably be more universal and go with your stuff better. I need to go look at the website when I have more time and see what else there is. I do also like the Targhee sneakers you pictured.

Anonymous said...

I like the black flower ones (Calistoga?), too. They seem a little more feminine than the mary janes and they'd go well with jeans or cords. But the blue ones are adorable, too. Tough choice!

Anonymous said...

I'd go for the Palermo black if you aren't going to go for the blue flowery ones b/c of your upcoming LE shoes. I think the Palmermos will be perfect with jeans/cords and will last you forever, as well as being able to dress up or down. I like the black flower ones, too, I just think the Palermo will be more "classic" for you.

Don't you dare spend this on Matt! I mean, sure he's a swell guy but this is for YOU and it's FREE so take advantage of it!!!

Nowheymama said...

I like the black w/ flowers best, then the other black ones.


Kristi said...

They're all so cute. You really can't go wrong!

I think I would go with the Palermo MJ:black. They seem more versatile. I really love the Ventura Suede:Pinecone ones!

Pam said...

Black & flowers would be my pick.

Cherish said...

I think you should trust your instincts and go with your first choice. I like the blue/flower ones the best but since you are already getting blue shoes, I think you should get the black shiny ones.