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Saturday, September 1, 2007


Oh boy, it's a looooonngg weekend, and Matt is sick. Just ask Jennifer how that is. I hate when he's sick. It makes my workload double (at least). But I shouldn't be too harsh yet, because so far he's been pretty good. He's only wanted to stay in bed this morning. Last night he fell asleep in the recline. He didn't complain, though, when Zachariah bugged him. And this morning I've let Zachariah in the bed a few times. He knows Daddy is home, and he just wants to spend time with him. Matt has been very gracious to let him cuddle or sit and read a book with him.

Zachariah has just started learning what "hurt" means. He seems to understand and be compassionate about it too. So, we've told him that Daddy hurts today. He signs hurt and gets this adorably concerned look on his face. Then he gives out hugs. So, it helps that Zac is being careful when he is on the bed with Matt.

I'm just glad that we hadn't planned to do anything this weekend anyway. It looks like my plans with include chasing a toddler around, cleaning up after said toddler constantly, taking juice to sick husband when needed, and taking care of everything in the house by myself. Fun anyone? Oh well, it could be worse.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm definitely not envying your holiday weekend. Hope it goes smoothly!

jen said...

I'm glad no plans got ruined at least. I hope he's better soon. You can make him make up for it next weekend hehe... I can deal with a sick husband as long as he's not yelling at me... it's when he gets that attitude with me and the kids that I get all aggravated.