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Friday, September 28, 2007

If I feel like it

I feel like I want to blog a lot today. We'll see if I still feel like adding more posts later.

It's Friday! Yeah! It seems like less people blog on Fridays. That means I'm more bored, because I'm home with not much to do. Friday is always the start of the weekend for me. I do not tutor on Fridays. Usually by Friday I have all my errands done and things around the house done. I keep up with it and sometimes Zachariah and I go out for no purpose other than to get out of the house.

Tonight Matt is going to an all men camp out at church. They'll cook hot dogs, laugh, play games, and have a good time. I'm glad he's going. Matt doesn't really have any close guy friends that he does things with. He gets along well with and does things a lot with my dad and his dad and sometimes my sister's husband. Other than that, he doesn't have anybody. And we don't see them often. They all live at least an hour from us. My point is I'm very glad that Matt is getting out and doing something with "the guys". I'm hoping he'll make some new friends. It's not that he doesn't have other men to talk to, but there isn't really anyone for him to do things with occasionally. He needs a golf buddy or someone to go watch "the game" with, etc.

So, I'm home alone tonight. I'll probably end up staying up late. I hope no spiders come to visit. ;) (Matt sprayed for them last night, so hopefully they'll leave me alone.) Matt is coming home for a few hours after work. Then I'll put Zachariah to bed soon after he leaves. So I have the whole evening to myself in a quiet house. I'm actually looking forward to it.

In other random tidbits: I got these oh so yummy cookies at our local grocery store today. They make all sorts of wonderful cookies: sugar, chocolate chip, monster (which have oatmeal, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and m&m's), and pumpkin in the fall. I got the pumpkin ones. It's been a long time since I've had them. They only make them for a few months in the fall. They come with a little cup of cream cheese icing for you to ice your own cookie. And they are super good! I can't wait to eat one.

Zachariah was hilarious in the grocery store this morning. I told him we should get hot dogs to make for lunch. He quietly started making his panting noise (how he says dog). I thought he made some noise but didn't catch it, so I asked him if he wanted hot dogs for lunch. He panted louder that time. I burst out laughing right there in the middle of the frozen food aisle. I told him no, not that kind of dog. So, he shook his head no and panted. Then laughed at me. He kept doing this. I tell you, my kid is a little comedian.

It's a good thing I keep buying clothes for Zachariah. He has ruined two shirts this week alone. The one I put on him today, I didn't even notice until he'd been wearing it a while. It has a big mark on the back. I'm not sure what it looks. It looks like a water spot. Maybe it will wash out, but if it doesn't I guess it will be a good play shirt for at home.
OK, that's enough randomness for now. I'll probably be back later today or tonight. (Plus my 200th post is coming up...yeah! I haven't decided whether or not I'll do something special and fun. Guess you'll have to wait and see.) Have a great Friday and weekend.


Shannon said...

Mmmmm, those cookies do look good! I hear you on the kid ruining clothes bit, too. Darsie has been on a streak lately.

Good luck being without husband tonight.

Nowheymama said...


Eli says "bock bock" when we eat chicken.

Enjoy your alone time!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look awesome....I think I'll be spending today looking for a recipe for them. Hope you have lots of (spider-free) fun on your own tonight!

Anonymous said...

I would sit on my butt and eat all those cookies by myself if I were you. There's no way I could be trusted alone in a house with those cookies.

Also, Gerald and I aren't doing really well on the whole "friends" thing, either. It's hard for us to meet people our age that we want to hang out with. So, it's usually just us.