Sunday, November 1, 2009

When Did Summer End?

It seems like yesterday was the end of summer. How can it possibly be November 1st already? September and October flew by in a flurry of activities.

I know that the holidays are upon us know. Once we hit Thanksgiving our schedules will get a little crazy. But that's part of what I like about the holidays. I love the different events and things to get involved in. And I love seeing family at the gatherings.

In about two weeks time all our leaves changed and now have already fallen to the ground. And so far, other than a pile of leaves for Zachariah (and another bigger pile for him), we haven't raked or blown any leaves. We will have to get that done soon, or the snow will make that impossible. (No snow in the forecast, but it always seems to come when the leaves fall even if early.)

I've already started thinking about holiday baking. In face I've been stock piling chocolate chips (and butterscotch chips, PB chips, etc) when I see them on sale. May as well buy them cheaper, because I got through them quickly with holiday baking. Many of the things I make for Christmas can be easily frozen, so to start making cookies in November isn't completely crazy. It does help save a little of my sanity later.

But I do love this time of year. I can't help by enjoy the anticipation of so many things. So relax and take a minute to enjoy the peacefulness now before the holiday craziness and business descends upon us.


Kahla said...

It does seem that time is flying by!!! This is my favorite time of year though and I'm lovin' it even more this year! I do wish we got snow though, a little jealous of that (well, not the whole shoveling part, but the rest of it)!

Cherish said...

Jason and I braved the gusting wind yesterday to try to get some of the leaves cleaned up and the gardens cleaned out before the snow. It was a really mild day, even with the wind and Josiah had a blast playing in the wagon. We didn't finish but Im not as worried about the snow coming early now. Find a nice mild day and head out to get even a little done.
I cant wait for the holiday season to come. I bought Christmas cards yesterday and Im so excited to use them. I have to get a group pictures of all the kids first, but Ill get around to it sooner or later :P

I totally havent thought about the christmas baking in awhile. Now I've got a whole new thing to keep my mind occupied!

d e v a n said...

yay! The holiday season is upon us!