Monday, November 9, 2009

It Starts So Young

Boys! I'm realizing more and more that the crazy things they do are just ingrained in their brains. No one needs to teach them to behave like boys.

For example (only an example, of course this would not happen in my house):

You are bathing your young son. He's splish-splashing in the bathtub, and you're trying to wash him. He's sitting on his legs, so you can't get to them. You ask him to move his legs, so you can just wash them already. He sticks his butt up and let's one rip.

Yes, "one", a fart, gas, cuts the cheese. It happens underwater and bursts into a big bubble at the surface. And oh it smells. Ugh! You say something to the effect of "Eww, that was gross." Then the sweet little boy of yours says "I was trying to fart on your hand."

Where do they get this stuff?

Why is it so funny to them?

Then when you may or may not have told the story to your husband, he just smiles and laughs.



Fran said...

Yes the many glorious joys of mothering a son. I have 2 myself and NOTHING is funnier (to them!)than farting in the bathtub!

d e v a n said...

Yeah. Boys! d bent over and tooted in O's face the other day and they both thought it was hilarious. ?!

Anonymous said...

Farts are funny. They just are.

desperate housewife said...

Oh my gosh, Eli has always thought farts were hilarious. I mean, since he was like one year old. And he loves nothing more than to try to FART ON YOUR HAND when you're changing his diaper. Well, that and try to smear his foot in poop and squirm away from you while screaming, of course.
And yet, I find him so genuinely loveable! It's a remarkable thing, the blindness of parents!

Jana said...

Too funny! I've been discovering the joys of boys myself lately. Farts, head butts, the novelty of peeing standing up....they definitely are wired differently!