Thursday, November 5, 2009

College Alumni

So tonight I drug my family to my college alumni event.

My alma mater just got a new president. He is making a tour of other towns to meet and greet alumni. I was surprised to get an invitation in my town. But it was a good chance to actually attend something.

I'm a bad alumni. I've never been to Homecoming or any other events. I don't donate money, and my class hasn't had any activities since graduation.

When I got the invitation for this mixer, I thought it might be fun to meet a few faces in my community that attended my college. There weren't a ton of people that, maybe 12-15, but it was nice meeting new people.

And the new president is very nice and friendly. He has done some great things for the college already. And he's hard at work on many more things. It was also nice to hear about all the new things happening at the college.

Of course who can complain about free food, a fun evening, and great door prizes? I'm glad that I went.

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