Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Must Confess

I have a Sunday evening guilty pleasure. Matt generally heads to bed around 10:00 on Sunday nights. Most times I don't care too much about the football game he was watching. (Though if it's someone I'm interested in I'll flip the channels back and forth.)

So, after the rest of my family is snug in bed, I watch..."Girls Next Door" and "Leave it to Lamas". I know, I know, but I just can't help it.

If I miss it, no big deal. But for some reason, every Sunday evening my remote changes the channel to the E! network.

How about you? What are your guilty pleasure shows? You can post anonymously or send me an e-mail if it's too embarrassing. But hey, I just posted mine, don't worry too much, we'll be embarrassed together.


Jana said...

Hmmmm.....I guess my guilty pleasures are "Chelsea Lately" (also on E!) and the new "90210". Both are pretty trashy, but I just can't help myself!

Fran said...

Maury!! I just love it when he says, "You are NOT the father!" after the girl has sworn she wasn't with anyone else.

Cherish said...

I've never heard of the Lamas show but the girls next door, I've seen a couple of times. I just clicked the link and the girls are apparently different now. Otherwise I dont think I have any guilty pleasure shows. We have something like 400 channels but I only usually watch 3 or 4.

Anonymous said...

The Real Housewives of Wherever. They are nothing but trashy rich people. I also like the Celeb Rehab shows with Dr. Drew. It's like pure voyeurism!

d e v a n said...

Hey, trashy TV is the best! lol