Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

1. I have been busy all evening knitting away at a sock. I was hoping to finish one tonight. If I stay up a big longer, I think I'll have it finished. My eyes are starting to glaze over though.

2. It's not to late to submit questions for me.

3. I just got an item to review in the mail today from Your Picture Book. They did a personalized book for Zachariah. I'm going to review it, but wait until Christmas to show it to him. On first look, it is really cool! Be sure to check out my review blog soon for more details (and a possible giveaway for your own).

4. Speaking of the review blog...there are 4 current giveaways going on. Be sure to get in on them, the DVDs and books will make great Christmas gifts.

5. I gave Zachariah a stack of post-its to mark some things he might want for Christmas. He's gone crazy. He has sticky notes all over every ad from the paper that enters this house. OK, maybe it's not that bad, but I do think he has a case of the "gimmes".

6. Several people commented about my dog on this post. I'm so used to him laying on the back of the couch, that I didn't even notice he was in those pictures. Ha! Our doggie's name is Chip. If you know our last name, put it together with his name. It's sorta funny. Which is how we named him. Anyway...Chip is an almost 10 year old black & white cocker spaniel. He does have a little look of a springer spaniel, but as far as we know he's all cocker spaniel.


Nowheymama said...

Giggling about your dog's name. Hee!

d e v a n said...

wtg on the socks!

Anonymous said...

ooh I'm intrigued by the socks (of course) I haven't tried socks yet. Might do mittens soon.

Fran said...

Now I have to know your last name. I promise not stalk you...
and THANK YOU for the help with delayed posting!!