Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun Fact Friday

Well, fun or not, here are some random facts for today:

1. I'm so happy that they are almost done working on our road. At least they've moved on from in front of our house. I think it will be a while before they get the road reopened, but we can get out easier now.

2. I will be sad when our road is reopened. It's been closed since the beginning of June, and it's so peaceful and quiet around here all the time (when the construction crews aren't working). We're loving that. I think we'll be ready to move to the country right away after traffic comes back through here.

3. Zachariah spent an hour or more in the office today playing Barney games from a new DVD. I let him use the old computer in there. He really did great and had a blast. I went in after he'd been in there for a long time. I asked if he needed a break yet. He said "no". I asked if he wanted a drink. He looked at me and said "Can I have it in here?" Ha ha ha! I told him he had to come out to get his water. So he ran out here, got a drink of water, and took one bite of banana, then ran right back in. He stayed in there for a while longer.

The games were great. From Barney they were right on his level. And there were 8 of them, so when he got bored with one, he'd easily go back to the menu and start a new one himself. (This DVD will be part of a set of Holiday ones, and I'll be giving one away soon on my giveaway blog.)

4. Matt got some of his old toy tractors out of the attic this evening. It's already provided plenty of entertainment for Matt Zachariah. I'm sure those tractors will get much more use.

5. I totally had a great #5, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was now. Oh well, this will work for now. Have a great weekend!


Jana said...

#4 is too funny! Sounds like something my hubby would do, too.

Anonymous said...

5 - lol

Nowheymama said...

Ah, the lure of tractors....

Fran said...

Oh, yes...tractors!!

Kelsey said...

I liked #4 too!