Monday, November 2, 2009


I just love **dripping sarcasm here** being woke up early in the morning by my son.

At about 5:00AM today Zachariah woke me up from a peaceful slumber. Poor guy had a bloody nose. It took about 5 minutes to get it to stop, then I had to clean up all the spots he'd dripped on across the carpet in his room through the hallway. That took me at least 15 minutes. By the time Zachariah used the potty and got back to bed, it was time for Matt to get up. He doesn't usually get up that early, but he was headed out of town for the day.

Fortunately he did go back to bed for a while. But he laid down for a late nap, which was a battle. And of course he slept until suppertime. I don't bother really preparing much of a meal when Matt isn't here, so we had leftovers. Then it was almost bath time and back to bed.

Because of this wacky schedule today, Zachariah had a hard time falling asleep this evening too. And the poor guy had another nosebleed. (That is so difficult to deal with such a young guy too.)

Tomorrow we're going to be a little more strict. He will be taking a nap earlier, and I am moving up bedtime until further notice. With daylight saving time it's dark much earlier, so putting him to bed earlier is not too much of a problem.

All this goes to show how important a good schedule is for children (and moms too)!


Jana said...

Goodness! Did you figure out what's causing the nosebleeds? Poor guy.

And I hear you on the chaos of getting off schedule. I am SO a "schedule mom."

Kelsey said...

We kind of go with the flow for LOTS of things, but I try really hard not to mess with the kids' sleep - it always bites me in the behind.

d e v a n said...

DST sucks!

Pam said...

Nose bleeds always baffle me - why they happen I mean?
I'm all about naps and schedules. Most important for kids and mom's health!

kristi said...

We use vaseline in Tony's nose, he has constant nosebleeds!