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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Yesterday, March 3rd, was Zachariah's 4th birthday! I can't believe that he is already 4 years old. I'm pretty sure I say that every year though. It's still true.

Wanna see some past photos? Here are a few of my VERY pregnant with Zachariah. Then there are the first birthday photos. Wow, that seems so so long ago! The second birthday was a blast too, and it went by oh so fast. Now three is gone too.

I'm not sure having a 4 year old child is quite what I pictured. I'm not sure I ever took the time to picture it either.

We did have a fun day with Zachariah. We let him do what he wanted and planned a little evening out at Chuck E. Cheese. (That was a first.) He had a great day. Now we're just getting ready for the family party here on Saturday. Enjoy some photos of the birthday boy in action.






Chuck E!

The haul! (He insisted on arranging it and taking this photo!)

Another present from a friend! And the cheesy boy is ready for bed.

A little time to play before hitting the hay!

Happy Birthday, Zachariah!


The Workman Family said...

Happy birthday big boy!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday! I had no idea he was that close in age to my oldest. Glad that you had a good day.

Nowheymama said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the big boy. I'm at a loss here - four??!!!

jen(melty) said...

Happy Birthday Zac! Aw you are all so cute. And that sweater looks awesome on him lol. Looks like he had a blast!

(oh, and we used the same "one is fun" stuff for L! how funny :) )

Jana said...

Wow - four years old! Happy Birthday!!!

CAQuincy said...

Such a big boy!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kelsey said...

Happy birthday to Zac - can't believe he's four! Hope the celebration went well this weekend.