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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Does it ever end?

1. I think I have had a lot going on lately, but the truth is I'm focusing on too many things. I have several things happening at once, and then I don't finish any of them. Like, I want to devote more time to blogging, etc., but every time I think about it I find other things to do.

2. I really want to give my house a deep cleaning and soon. But see above note. I feel like if I start, I won't finish. Then it will be wasted time and energy. I need to start will small things that won't affect other things.

3. We had a great birthday weekend with Zachariah. I will share pictures once I get them loaded on here for you all to see. He's been begging for another party. Wait until next year, darling.

4. There were about 3 tornadoes that hit somewhere between where my parents live and where Matt's parents live on Sunday night. We had just left both places, and the storm was about 30 minutes behind us. Luckily only a few houses had damage. And our parents were all far enough from the path that they weren't effected, other than mine losing power for several hours. My old college friend got great photos of one tornado, it came down a few miles past her house.

5. The Horrible 3s have been just that for us so far...horrible. And it's only been a week. Lord help me.

6. I have a whole bunch of new DVD reviews to do, and the giveaway copies are coming. So look out, there will be TONS of chances to win this month.

7. Rachel (my sister) finally had her first OB appointment. She's already 10 weeks along, and that doesn't seem possible. Her due date is on or around October 4th for now. At her next appointment (probably in another month) they will do an ultrasound. I can't believe she hasn't even met the doctor yet. Crazy how they handle things there. I had already had 3 ultrasounds by the time I was that far along. Just a different doctor, I suppose. Anyway, I'm excited to hear about all the exciting updates.


Anonymous said...

I completely understand your #1 and #2. There is just too much to do and so little time to do it. I guess that's why women are such great multi-taskers.......

Kelsey said...

I think we saw the tornado warning for up there... I really dislike that part of spring/summer. I have to work really hard not to be too verbal about my fear - I don't want to freak out Harper!

I'm glad you had a great birthday weekend, it will be fun to see pictures.

Harper started talking about her next birthday cake the day after her last birthday. We hadn't even finished eating the other cake!

For us the first half of three = awful, but the second half = awesome, so hang in there!

Nowheymama said...

It is so hard to balance everything, isn't it? I just keep thinking that it will all work out somehow!

Alli said...

Yeah, I'm with you on 1 and 2. My house is a nightmare because I HATE the thought of starting somehting and not being able to finish it. And most of the chores that need to be done will most definitely be interrupted by my need to referee or coax the 2 year old down from the top bunk or take a phone call or SOMETHING. I need one full weekend with no distractions.

And thank God you and your family were able to dodge those storms! Glad everyone is safe.

The threes will pass....into the 4s. LOL! I'm only kidding, kind of. The threes WILL get easier in some ways, but the 4s will bring their own sets of challenges. As long as you always keep that in mind, it won't ever be that hard to deal with. You're doing great!

d e v a n said...

How exciting about your sister!!! Sorry you're feeling worn down.
And the 3's? well... it will get better in a few months. (for us it was like 8 months...) Sorry.

Deleted said...

Exciting! Birthday and pictures!! Ps. You should put a spoiler on your posts about three year olds and their difficulty, I'm only coming on 2 now I don't want to hear the horror I'm about to come up on :P

Glad that the storms are clear for everyone there, that's one that we don't have to worry about here so I don't think about them much. And the ones we do hear are never good. So I'm glad everyone's good :)

2Forgetful said...

2 - really helps me when I want to do a "deep clean" of the house. her whole thing is based on 15 minutes a day.

3 - glad the b-day was great!

7 - I was pretty surprised how inconsistent care is from doctor to doctor. When I was pregnant they didn't even want to see me until 10 weeks where some of my friends were being seen at 6 weeks. And until we learned we were having twins, they were only going to do one ultrasound. I think it also has to do with insurance.

Laura Marchant said...

Oh I hear you on the 3's!! BG will be 3 on Monday and this week has been difficult at times. She knows what she wants and she's not afraid to let you know now.

Pam said...

Horrible 3's??? Oh no, you're telling me it gets worse than the 2.5 terrors?
I am with you 100% on cleaning the house. I wish I could win the lottery and get a maid.
Looking forward to seeing birthday pix.