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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All sorts of stuff

1. My sister took Zachariah for the day and overnight. She is on vacation this week but didn't have any plans. So she wanted to keep him overnight. This is the first time he's done that with her. Not because we won't leave him with her, but because they were in a one room apartment until this winter. Now they have a house (good thing too with a baby on the way), so he has a place to sleep there.

I know he'll have a blast with them. Rachel and Jared are always on the go and love to play with him. He just soaks it up when they are around. Plus they might go for supper at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight, which is one of his favorite places to go.

I am happy to have this afternoon (if only a few hours) to myself. And then Matt and I will have some time together tonight. I should be able to have the morning to myself too. I can't wait to not have someone wake me up in the morning. Ahh, a nice break. Some day I'll return the favor to her.

2. I know, I know, I need to get birthday pictures up here for you all to see. To be honest, I still haven't loaded any off my camera. Maybe I'll get to it since I have a little more "me" time right now.

3. My computer has been on the fritz again. Actually I think it's my fault. I dripped juice on it a week ago. Oops. We do have accidental coverage on our warranty, so I may have to take it in. Although, today it is acting fine. I'll wait a while and see what happens. It's just meant that I'm not online as much...which could be a good thing.

4. I am almost finished with my crocheted afghan for Matt. It has taken me quite a while, but it's looking nice. It's the best I could do for what he wanted, but it was a little more time consuming.

5. I'm also trying to finish a book, read a book for small group, and work on my growing/huge pile of magazines that I like to read.

6. We haven't done any more work on the bathroom. :( It needs to get done.

7. I've already started buying baby clothes for my to-be-niece/nephew. I found some clearance onesies/shoes at Old Navy, so I bought sizes for next winter. Eee! And she has her first ultrasound scheduled in about 2 weeks. She's already into her 2nd trimester...with NO morning/noon/night sickness. I'm very jealous.

8. I had to buy Zachariah some new jeans finally. He was still wearing 2 pairs of 18m ones from over a year ago. The waist on those was still cinched, but the legs were creeping up towards his ankles. I decided to get him 3T pants (with adjustable waists), because they were just a tiny bit bigger than the 2T's. I had to cinch them in REALLY far on the waist, but the length is perfect. I was really surprised. He's always been my tall skinny boy.


Shannon said...

Free time!!! Enjoy it! How wonderful!

I've had good luck with the adjustable waists on Old Navy brand jeans.

Oh, and for just blank onesies, you can't be the Gerber - 5 onesies for $10 packs.

Deleted said...

Clothes are so hard, you would think that Violet would fit into a 24month clothing seeing how her 2nd birthday is coming up in May but they are too tiny for her and she's wearing somewhere between 2T and 3T depending on the store, she's a small girl (tall and skinny) has been her whole life. Always in low percentiles, so makes me wonder what those poor moms who's kids are bigger than her. .lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your alone time! I hope you get everything on your list done and still have some time to relax!

Kelsey said...

Ah - kids' clothing sizes are so goofed up! But buying baby clothes is always an excellent way to spend time/money. :-)