Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things - to the 6th

Pam tagged me for another Meme. I was ready to post what I wanted today, so I'll do this instead. Mine's going to be a bit different than hers. I decided since yesterday was my anniversary, I will reminisce and tell you 6 things about my wedding.

Also, thanks to everyone who wished us a happy anniversary. We went out to eat last night. Zachariah was really good, so we all had a fun time. On Saturday we plan to go to a really nice restaurant, and Zachariah will spend the evening with Matt's parents.

Oh, and I did pass that letter along to Matt for those of you who asked. He does not read my blog, but I reposted this on MySpace. He got to read it this morning and loved it.

1. Yes, Erica, we were babies. Looking back now I realize, wow, we were so young. I see people older than we were when we got married and think they are just too young to get married. I honestly have NO regrets about that, though. We were ready.

2. Our wedding party consisted of our 4 combined siblings (all younger than us) and two friends. My sisters were 14 & 16 and Matt's sister was 15. They were my bridesmaids. Matt's brother was 18, and he was the best man. Another groomsman was 18 too and is the pastor's son (a long time friend of ours). And the other groomsman is a close friend of my parents and a great friend to Matt and I (and my mom's boss as well). He was about 50 when we got married. Talk about an odd assortment.

3. The date was not our first choice. The first date we chose was Aug. 5th, but there was a wedding scheduled at the church that day. We discussed making it later, but that didn't work for someone. Earlier didn't work for others. I finally decided we were going to stop asking everyone else what worked for them. We sat down with our pastor (and friend) and looked at his (and the church's) availability. We settled on July 29th, and that was that.

4. We were engaged for 9 months. We'd dated for almost 5 years by then.

5. We got married while both of us were in college. I know my parents wanted me to finish college first, but I still finished on schedule. And Matt and I had committed to each other that we wouldn't get engaged until once of us had a good full-time job...he did.

6. Our wedding cake (so beautiful) was free. The mom of one of my best friends from high school made it. She had told all of us girls who hung out together that she'd make our wedding cakes. I was the first to get married, and she has made all of our wedding cakes. She didn't charge us a thing. She let me pick out whatever I wanted, bought a new cake stand because that's what I liked, and even paid for the fresh flowers from our florist (we told her to add it to our bill). She did a great job, and I loved it.

Tag, tag, who to tag. Well, I just did a meme recently and tagged people, so I won't do it this time. If you want to do this, go ahead and consider yourself tagged. Let me know in your comment, so I can make sure I read your meme.


Jana said...

Love the pictures! They had my five year old daughter practically swooning. "Ooh, Mommy, look at her pretty dress. And the flower girls. Aren't they all SO beautiful, Mommy?"

Definitely beautiful. Glad you guys had a nice evening and an even nicer one planned for this weekend.

Alli said...

We were babies when we got married, too. I look at our wedding pics and think "What were we thinking?! What were our PARENTS thinking!?" I was 18, hubby 20!

Great meme! I love things like this.

d e v a n said...

Love the pics! We were young too, 20 and 21.

Heidi said...

Oh sweet. Congratulations. Our anniversary is tomorrow, big 10 years.