Friday, July 11, 2008

Random Friday

*This morning was fun! I took Zachariah to the park and there were no kids there (after the park's summer program left), so we had the whole place to ourselves. He's great at climbing now and going down slides. I don't have to follow him every where. And I could probably sit on a bench with a book, but it was way more fun chasing him around, pushing the merry-go-round, and swinging beside him.

*Going to a park when it's getting hot will result in a cranky two-year-old. Ugh. But he ate a great lunch when we got home.

*Mmm, I love burritos. That was a great lunch. (There is a great place down the road that does make-your-own-burritos, like Chipotle, but local.)

*I need to finish getting my Pay it Forward box packaged and mailed. I'm about half finished, Joanne. I keep thinking of other things to add. I hope you like it all. Maybe I'll get a chance to get it mailed tomorrow.

*Tomorrow we're going to a wedding. This is a super great couple that is in our small group from church. It's like seeing a sibling get married, it's so awesome.

*Twitter, everyone's doing it now. Should I join in the fun? I leave my computer on most of the time, so I think I'd enjoy keeping up with everyone. I'm picturing it more like an IM type thing. Comments about this?

*Our laptop charging cord broke. It still works, but I can't move it while it's charging. Very inconvenient. Luckily it still holds quite a bit of battery life, so I can use it off the power cord for a while. Just frustrating.

*I'd love to get my house in tip-top clean condition, but I don't have the energy for that. I have been slowly working on a few things that needed done, so that makes me happy that it's getting there. Just clutter issues that never seem to go away. I'd like to just take a trash bag through my house and get rid of lots of things, but I better not right now.


Swistle said...

Twitter is fun so far (she says after about 3 days). It's like a massive group IM, where people can just jump in any time---and where you only see the IMs of people you specifically ask to see, so you don't get overwhelmed. It's like writing little one-sentence blog posts, and I'm finding it's a good place for the things I WOULDN'T really blog about but just want to quick say.

Jana said...

I have no idea about the Twitter thing. I figure it's just one more thing to be addicted to, so I'd rather not start it. That's just me, though, and I know that I'd become obsessed; I know people who really enjoy it, however.

And if you figure out a way to deal with the clutter, please share. We're drowning in it over here!

Nowheymama said...

I'm curious about Twitter, too. Oh, the peer pressure....

desperate housewife said...

Oh, be a lazy Twitter holdout like me! Don't make me cave to the pressure!
BTW, my laptop is permanently screwed and will ONLY work if it plugged to the charging cord. Grr.

d e v a n said...

I have specifically avoided even going to twitter because it sounds like EXACTLY the type of thing I could get addicted to.

Glad you had fun at the park.

Heidi said...

Sounds like a full day. OH, I'm on Twitter, just started, want to play?

Kelsey said...

I hope the wedding was fun!