Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My 400th (seriously?) post

I can't believe this is my 400th post. And looking at how little I've been posting lately, I probably could have hit it sooner. This has been a fun journey blogging, and I hope I have many many more posts coming.


A while ago, Sarah at No Whey, Mama tagged me for a Meme. I think this is a good time to do it. She did a great job with hers, and it looked like fun. (15 years puts me back before high school even, so we'll see where this goes.)

The rules: Think back on the last 15 years of your life. What would you tell someone that you hadn’t seen or talked to for 15 years? How would you sum up your life? You get 10 bullet points. A list of 10 things to summarize about you. At the end of your list, tag 5 more people and send on the love…

1. You know that guy Matt? Well, we got together in high school, stayed together, and got married (and are still happily married 8 years later).

2. Yep, I finished high school with a pretty good GPA too.

3. I went to college (got married half-way through), studied Elementary Education (and Math), and graduated with honors.

4. I became a substitute teacher.

5. I took up a few odd jobs.

6. I went back to teaching.

7. I started tutoring at My Tutoring Center Name.

8. I got pregnant, had some complications early on, was banned from driving for most of my pregnancy, so tutoring was the only thing I could keep up with.

9. Had a beautiful baby boy, Zachariah Matthew, and fell in love again (with my baby AND husband).

10. I'm still staying home with my son, tutoring, married, and loving every minute of my life.

1. Sarah at Semi-Desperate Housewife
2. Heidi at Mommy Doesn't Live Here Anymore
3. Shelly at Scenic Overlook
4. Erica at All Dressed Up
5. Devan at All D's


Saly said...

This one is on my agenda too. I like the concept.

Happy 400!!

Missy said...

Happy 400! Congrats!

Nowheymama said...

Great job!

400? Wow!

d e v a n said...

Oooh, I like! I'll go do mine now.

Alli said...

That looks fun! Congrats on 400! I rolled over 200 not too far back, I think.

Kelsey said...

My 400 came and went without my really noticing -- oops.

That was a fun meme to read.

Heidi said...

Yippie, my first tag ever. You are now my new best friend, because you care. So funny, I read this post days ago, but never scrolled down to the tags. I will get right on it.