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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just some stuff

*Thanks so much for everyone who commented on my Delurking Day. I'd say it was a success. Although I know there are more of you out there reading (at least twice as many as commented), because I see you on my SiteMeter.

*I feel bad that I haven't been blogging much this week. I'd really like to. I finally started feeling better by Wednesday. Then the weather was cold, snowy, and icky. I have only left the house twice in the last week (plus a few days). I tutored on Thursday, then we went out for supper. And this morning I went to pick up our Angelfood box.

*Have you heard of Angelfood Ministries? I remember discussing it with someone (maybe you, Sarah?). But I don't know anyone who has participated. There is a church just down the road from us who does Angelfood. They have been promoting it at the apartment complex where I tutor. The coordinator came in one day to talk to our afterschool program leader. He gave her some coupons to hand out, and I got one. It was $10 off the regular box ($30 price) for this month for a new participant. So, Matt and I figured why not. We got a ton of food for only $20. I was very impressed with how they run the program and give out the food. The people who were working were so nice. And the food looks great. One box is supposed to be enough to feed a family of 4 for a week. Honestly I don't think the 3 of us could eat it all in 2 weeks.

I won't talk too much more about that, but I think it will be a great way to help our grocery budget. We're already planning to get a box next month. If you want to ask about my experience with it, go ahead. This is not an income guided program, anyone can participate.

*Even though I haven't been posting as much this week, I have been posting on Twitter. Look me up:

*Potty training is going great. Zachariah goes potty most of the time. We've had a few accidents, but I'm impressed. He doesn't go as much when we aren't home. He hasn't figured all that out, so he still wears a diaper. And he's always wet after naps and bedtime, so he wears diapers then too. But I'm happy to have him in underwear at home during the day.

*Matt determined this morning that we need to have more sex. We're still "trying" to have a baby. We don't have sex often enough, he thinks. ;) Guess I'll have to work on that one. (Shouldn't be a problem.)

*That's all I can think of for now that I wanted to share. Have a great weekend!


jen said...

I suck for not commenting! I just had to force myself to make this comment. Feeling so unmotivated lately. Glad to see a post. Good luck with the potty.

April said...

I'm right there with you on the "trying to have a baby" part. We've been trying for over six months and nothing.... It's very frustrating....Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better!

And trying for a baby or not, I think most men feel like your husband. :)

Alli said...

We tried the Angel Food thing a couple of years ago, but only once. The problem then was that you had to pay up front and then you didn't get your food for a couple of weeks. We were living paycheck to paycheck and if we bought a box, we would have to pay for it out that week's grocery money...but then we'd have to wait for the food. So we'd be short on money for food until our box came in. It might not be such an issue now, though. I might give it another try.

As for "trying", are you charting? That's the biggest help in knowing WHEN you should be having sex. Although, more sex isn't a bad thing. ;)

Cherish said...

I loved the structure of this post! From potty training to needing more sex :P

Im glad you're feeling better!

Emily said...

We've been doing Angel Food for about a year now, almost every month. It does help us with our grocery budget. Overall it's been good. The only disappointment we've sometimes had is that about 25% of the meat is a lower quality than I would prefer. (like ribs with hardly any meat on them or mechanically separated turkey) But it has been good, and it gets me to "cook outside of my box" (like I wouldn't buy pork chops, but I make them because we get them from there).
Hope you like it!

Sarah said...

Your husband's suggestion cracked me up. Does he know there's only about a two to five day window when you can even GET pregnant? You could have sex like bunnies and still miss it! Ah, men... You gotta give him credit for trying.

Nowheymama said...

It was me who mentioned it, but I still haven't tried it. I wonder if there's enough food that Katherine could eat to make it worthwhile. Thoughts?

Cherish said...

Hey, I hope you're doing better than you were last week. Its been a bit since we've heard from you so I just wanted to check in and make sure you are doing ok. Take care