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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So, here we are at day 12 after we first spotted Chicken Pox on our son. The poor little guy had red spots all over his body. This picture was taken the day after we first started seeing the horrible red spots. Fortunately, Zachariah didn't seem to get too bad of a case of these Chicken Pox. He was fussing and sleepy for the first few days, but then he slowly got better. We have just kept him home since he first broke out. I don't want to risk him spreading these to anyone else.

It's funny that we never did figure out where he got these from. He's not around other children much, and none that we know of had Chicken Pox. Oh well, another of lifes mysteries, I suppose. I never thought with a vaccine for this that I'd ever have to worry about my children getting it. But unfortunately Zachariah is too young to receive the vaccine, and they say that babies do not usually get them even when exposed. Pooey on them! (Whoever they may be.)

I guess I'll just count my blessing, because this is the first illness that Zachariah's had. He has been extremely healthy (not even the sniffles). So a few days of tiredness, I can handle.

Next week we'll get him out of the house and get back to our normal routines. I'm sure that we'll have to adjust again, but that's not a problem. We'll get back into the swing of normal life soon enough.
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Swistle said...

Poor baby! Chicken pox can be so itchy!

Sarah said...

I've heard it's easier on kids the younger they are when they get them, if that's any consolation. Still, like you said, it's too bad he had to get them at all since most kids are vaccinated now. But just think, he'll never get them again!
Nice photos, by the way. I'm so lazy about posting pictures myself. And thanks for delurking on my blog; I'm always so excited when someone reveals themself!!