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Monday, January 29, 2007

Green Acres?

Don't most children/toddlers like cartoons? Most parents I hear talk about their children sitting and watching Blue's Clues, Dora, and other such shows for toddlers. Even Baby Einstein seems appropriate for most young children. Ok, my child has never really wanted to watch television, which I'm ok with. I prefer that he play and interact with us than sit in front of the TV. But in the evenings Baby spends time with Daddy while Mommy tutors. After being with Daddy for about an hour, Baby is at his wit's end. So, Daddy cuddles with Baby in the rocking chair and they watch "Green Acres". Yes, I'm talking about the old 1960's comedy with Eva Gabor. This has become a habit over the last few months. So much so that when Baby now hears the theme song, he drops what he's doing and looks at the TV. It is hilarious! I have gone as far as downloading the song on my laptop, so I can play it for him. He comes right over to the computer and turns it so he can see what's on the screen. Then he's disappointed when he doesn't see the show, and he turns to the TV trying to see if it's on there. Daddy told me tonight that when the show came on TV Baby dropped his toys on the floor, squealed in delight, and then went right over to the TV. He said it was cute! Too bad I missed it. Oh well. My mother thinks it's so funny that out of all shows, he likes Green Acres. I was actually thinking about buying him the first season on DVD for his birthday. Just had to share our interesting child with you. I'll try to share more pictures sometime. They're all on my desktop.


Sarah said...

Whoa, I feel for you! It is true that you have to go with whatever works, TV wise, though. I myself feel that I may dig my own eyes out with a grapefruit spoon if I have to see "Baby's Favorite Places" one more time. That would be Baby Einstein's Favorite Places, of course. And then there's Baby Neptune, and Baby Beethoven, and Baby Wordsworth... And they're all good as long as I don't personally have to be in the same room with them.

Swistle said...

I like Baby Bach, Baby Mozart, and Baby Beethovan because there are no words. What makes me feel like putting my head in the oven (well, first trading our electric stove for a gas stove, then putting my head in the oven) is the piping voice of, for example, Caillou, whining away in the background.