Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Things about the kid + an important question!

*Zachariah tried to trade his cereal in for a cookie this morning. Nice try, son, nice try.

*He has started trying to sing. This morning he sat in his glider rocker in his bedroom and was trying to sing a song. I realized that he was singing “Rock-a-bye Baby”, which I like to sing to him when we’re cuddling in that chair.

*I’m thinking that Zachariah has outgrown his highchair. See photographic evidence below. He has his feet resting on the footrest, which means his knees are pressed against the tray above. This kid is tall, really tall. (I ran into an old friend the other day, she said she doesn’t think her son was that tall until he was 5! Ha.) I don’t know what to do with him next. He’s not quite (pretty darn close though) tall enough to reach the table just sitting in a regular chair. I don’t know if the chairs we have will hold a booster-type seat. I feel like he may still need a buckle, so he doesn’t constantly get up and down while eating. Any advice? When did your kids stop using their highchair? Where did you put them next? Any fantastic products out there that I don’t know about yet? Help me.


Jana said...

We put Syd in a booster seat that attaches to the chair when she got too big for her high chair. Once Liam was sitting up straight, we just put him right into the booster and avoided the hard-to-clean high chair altogether. The one we have looks kinda like this, but is in primary colors:


And since it's portable, we take it to the in-laws' and restaurants that we know run out of high chairs quite frequently.

SaLy said...

I loathe our high chair. I took C out when she was about 1 and let her start sitting at the toddler table we have. Now they both eat in the kitchen with us and she sits on our step stool so she can reach the table. We just tell her she is not allowed to get up until everyone is finished, and usually, she listens.

K in the Mirror said...

I never bought a high chair at all. I have a seat that sits directly on the floor. We used to put it up on the table when the kids were small and not so wiggly, and now the boy eats on the floor.
I think it's this one, and you can attach it to a chair but we never did. That way if they get too tall it doesn't matter because they just put their legs straight out in fron of them anyway.

Shannon said...

We bought a booster seat for $10 at Target that straps onto a regular dining chair. It worked great. Now D has to have her own seat and doesn't want a baby seat because remember, she is three and three year olds rule the universe.

Cara said...

I just the a Fisher Price boster seat that attaches to the chair with straps and a removable tray. I love and Bubbie's loves eating at the table with the big people.
They sure do grow up fast!

Misty said...

He is one tall boy!
So cute. I deeply adore the mimicy singing time, and oh boy... the cookie thing was bold. :)

Kelsey said...

It's more expensive than the booster options, but we have an adjustable chair that used to be Matt's. It is wooden and both the seat and the footrest can be moved. I am not sure what to call it exactly. It pulls up to the table, but does have a seatbelt of sorts that you can remove when you don't need it anymore. If you look at the One Step Ahead website, I think they have something similar.

Mommy Brain said...

We never bought high chairs but some of my friends have just taken the tray off of the high chair and pulled it up to the table. This works well if the height of the highchair can be adjusted. If not, then you might want to try the First Years inflatable travel booster seat. We have them for when we go to other people's homes and they fold up nicely but also provide a few inches of height and restraints for them to sit at the table. They buckle on to anything.

CAQuincy said...

We took the kids out of the high chair around 18 mos. and put them in a booster which attached to our dining room chairs no problem--and had a belt. As they got older, we didn't bother belting them in!

There ARE those boosters that attach directly to the table--if you think a regular attachable booster won't fit. I hear good things....AND they're portable for restaurants. http://store.babycenter.com/product/code/15927.do

jen said...

There's a cool chair at one step ahead (well, leaps and bounds)

my daughter got the boot into a booster when my son needed the chair. He got the boot when I got sick of cleaning said chair. They both sit in boosters but I stopped strapping them in when they were almost 2. We have the fisher price boosters that are height adjustable and strap to the chair. I've never found a chair it wouldn't stay on, even if I had to strap it to stay on! It's got a back strap and a strap that goes along the bottom. It folds up nice and small and I've taken one to restaurants a lot and family's houses because I always used it for my daughter rather than the gross boosters that are provided at both locations hehe.

Oh, can you just take the tray off, strap him in, and push it up to the table? Hey, as long as HE's not complaining I'd probably just let it be.