Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advice needed

I can't believe I'm asking you this, but I need another opinion. Matt and I like to think purchases to death before we buy, especially something big like this.

Matt got a gift certificate recently for a work-related thing. He was supposed to be getting a Wii instead of the gift certificate, but they ran out. So, he was thinking about using the gift certificate to buy one. The amount is enough for what the Wii retails for, but we cannot find one for that price. They're going for double if/when you can find one. We could still wait and try to get one for a lower price in a few months.

OR we could get a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for me. Matt just found a great deal on the one I want. It retails for $499.99, but we can get it for about $210. I would only have the choice of "Meringue" or "Licorice", but I think I could live with that. In fact, if I had 30 colors to chose from I'd probably go with a black or white, because I couldn't chose one over all the other colors.

I have wanted a stand mixer for years. It would get a TON of use in my house, because I LOVE to bake. I'm not real sure that I have counter space or cupboard space for it, but I would find somewhere to put it in the kitchen. And the clincher is Matt is willing to buy it for me instead of getting the Wii.

The problem is I feel really guilty thinking that he'd use his gift certificate on something mainly for me. But he already has several gaming systems and a new one would mean spending more money to buy games for it. Plus it would be more time he'd spend in front of the TV or not spending with me.

Here's where I want your opinion. What do you say?
#1 It's his gift certificate, let him wait on the Wii he wanted in the first place.
#2 Buy the Mixer, you deserve it.
#3 Other advice.


Emily said...

I'd say get the stand mixer, if he's willing to get it for you. I'm SURE he benefits from all of your baking, and like you said, if he has other gaming systems and isn't dead set on a wii, it might not be worth it.
I LOVE my kitchen aid, and I don't even bake too terribly often. My one piece of advice - find a place to leave it out on your counter. If you have to get it out everytime, that sucker is heavy, and you won't want to. Leaving mine out ensures it gets a lot more use.

Mommy Brain said...

Get the stand mixer, you deserve it!

1. He left town for work so you should benefit from his job by getting the work-related gift certificate.
2. He will certainly benefit from all of the things you will make using the stand mixer.
3. A stand mixer does not require that you purchase games for it at $50 each.
4. If you are using a stand mixer you are doing work. If you are using a Wii you are playing.
5. The bloggy world will be happy because you will share all of the good recipes you are making with your new stand mixer. The bloggy world NEEDs you to have this mixer.

All kidding aside, your husband sounds like a nice guy and I'm sure he would be happy to spend the certificate on you. I love my stand mixer and it has made it possible for me to easily make quite a few things that were nightmares in the past (ie - Irish Potatoes). Registering for a stand mixer was the one thing that made all of our wedding planning worthwhile. (possible slight exaggeration...)

mel said...

My husband does that to me all the time, uses his gift certificates for me or for us instead of on himself. I used to feel guilty about it and sometimes I still do, but I try to remember, he won't bring it up if he really didn't want me to use it, right? So get the mixer, I LOVE mine and agree it was worth registering just to get that and that you should leave it on the counter so you don't have to lift that monstrosity!

Sara said...

My husband would do the same thing. You should get it, you deserve it. I agree with all of the other advice--escpecially that it doesn't have games for $50 a pop.

Then again it does have fancy attachments, like a meat grinder, pasta roller, etc etc.

Shannon said...

MIXER!!! Like you said, he has gaming systems already. Besides, since you already have to wait, just wait and see if he still wants one when they are more widely available.

My husband benefits greatly from our kitchenaid.

Lisa said...

I agree with everyone else. You should go with the mixer since you said he does have other gaming systems anyway. The Wii will actually keep costing you money becuase he'll want to buy new games like you said.

Let us know when you make the big decision.

K in the Mirror said...

I would get the mixer too- my husband would be the same way, AND he would not feel guilty at all about plunking down several hundred dollars later on when the Wii is available again, whereas I would feel horribly guilty about spending that kind of money on myself.

And definitely go with Meringue or Licorice- mine is Cinnamon, which was a Williams Sonoma exclusive color two years ago. It's hell trying to match it to anything else in the kitchen.

andria said...

If he's willing to share, I'd go with the mixer.

I got one for Christmas six years ago and it was the best gift I ever got. I use it constantly.

Also, you can get the Wii a few years down the road when your kid will be wanting one and then dad can play with the boy's toys and won't have to feel guilty about shelling out the dough for it.

d e v a n said...

MIXER! I Got one a few mo ago for my birthday and I love it!

Anonymous said...

If he's willing, then get the mixer. It's a great deal AND you'll love it. Plus, it's going to be hard to find a Wii, unless you want to pay an enormously inflated price from someone on eBay or something.

That being said, I have to admit that Wii rocks. My hubby wanted one so badly and got one from eBay (see above for price paid - ouch!). I wasn't really keen on it, I mean, what is he a 12 year old boy? But it is FUN! We've only played the games that it comes with so far, haven't had to buy any others and it is such fun for all of us. We play it when family comes and my parents even loved it. So some day the Wii for Matt, but until that's more realistic, the mixer for you.

Anonymous said...

Mixer = cookies and cupcakes and other yummy things. This is a no-brainer.

Pam said...

Ditto ditto ditto.

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

I'd go for the mixer. The $$ you save on the mixer by getting it now can help pay for the Wii.