Saturday, December 1, 2007

Parades and OSU football

Oh, it's been a long day. But I feel like typing up a little blog post before I go to bed. Maybe I'm stuck on posting every day from NaBloPoMo or something. I don't know.

This morning I went carolling with the church choir. We get dressed up and go to all sorts of downtown Christmas festivities. There are lots of things going on such as visiting Santa and Mrs. Clause, cookie decorating, craft fairs, ornament making, free coat give-aways, and a parade to wrap the whole day up. We went from place to place singing and wishing people a Merry Christmas. It was fun, but it was VERY, very cold. Brrrr. Matt came out later in the morning with Zachariah. They followed us around a little, then watched the parade. We sang from a horse-drawn wagon in the parade. Here is something I love about this parade. In most holiday parades Santa comes last. He's the grand finale. Not in our parade. He leads the parade here, and Santa and his missus are pulled in a sleigh by a 4-wheeler driven by Brutus himself. It's really neat. Then at the end there are Joseph and Mary walking donkeys. I love it. The true reason for Christmas right there for all to see.

We rested this afternoon and went to run a few errands later. Then tonight Matt and I watched college football games. If you haven't noticed already, we are big Ohio State fans. Our Buckeyes are ranked #3 currently and their season ended 2 weeks ago. This meant that there was a possibility for us to move up in rankings if teams above us lost. Well, last week we went from #5 to #3. Tonight there were 2 big games on that could mean a spot for us in the National Championship game. If either of the top 2 teams lose, then we will pretty much be a shoe in. Both of those games were on at the same time tonight. #2 West Virginia lost to their big rival Pittsburgh. This was a shocking upset. We figured our only chance was for #1 Missouri to get beat by their big rival Oklahoma. But West Virgina lost giving us a chance at the big game. And right now I'm watching the end of the Missouri game and they are going to lose also! This will quite possibly make us #1. I think we definitely will play a championship game when they both lose. Wow! We didn't think we'd get THAT lucky. But we couldn't be more excited. Maybe this year we can win the National Championship.

Have a great weekend!


Mommy Brain said...

My old boss went to OSU and I started following the games because his mood on Monday was directly related to how well OSU did over the weekend. Go Buckeyes!

Anonymous said...

Go Buckeyes!!!

andria said...

Thanks for taking pleasure in my pain.