Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's chat

Have a seat. Can I get you a warm cup of coffee? Tea? Hot cocoa? I just wanna chat.

First let's talk about my new mixer. I'm in love. We're running away together.

OK, maybe that's a bit over the top, but only a small bit. In the short few days that I've been the proud new owner of a KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixer I had managed to use it 4 times! And I'm already thinking about all the other homemade treats I can make with it. I think about how wonderful it will be to whip up a made from scratch cake mix with icing. Mmm. (Actually I'm probably doing that tonight, because they want me to make dessert for our Christmas party luncheon tomorrow.) I think about making cookies for all my loved ones for Christmas (even though I've already made more cookies than I can count). I think this mixer will get plenty of use.
It may seem silly, since I had already told you Matt and I had talked about it, but I was totally surprised that Matt got me this mixer. We'd talked about it briefly, where I professed my love for this machine. I also pointed out all the wonderful things I could do with it. Plus who can pass up a deal like this (less than half price). But Matt kept looking at all the other things he could buy. He was considering getting me some jewelry (so I thought). And he talked about other things he could get for himself. Usually Matt can't keep a secret this well, so when he does it knocks my socks off. He put the mixer in the kitchen, so I would see it when I got home from tutoring. I couldn't figure out why things were moved around in the kitchen...until I turned on the light. I was thrilled and shocked! I did a little happy dance right there in the kitchen. Really, I did. I'm sure it was embarrassing.
I really could have used the mixer last week and earlier this week when I was having a horrible time making cookie dough. Matt knew it was on its way, but he refrained from telling me. He told the guys at work that I would be mad I had to make all that cookie batter with my hand mixer. Ha ha. I really wasn't upset. I was just happy to have it now.
Speaking of baking all those cookies I'm exhausted. I made so much stuff for Matt to sell at work. Today I took a break. I don't want to think about cookies. There are at least 10 dozen still in my kitchen waiting to be decorated. I will take those to family for Christmas. I'll probably leave some of the mail carrier, garbage man, and our neighbors. But that can wait another day or two. Now I need a break. I've been on my feet doing non-stop baking for 3 days. Whew.
Tomorrow we had a Christmas luncheon for the people who work at the center where I tutor. Then my sister is coming into town to do some shopping...actually all her Christmas shopping. She's been working 60 hour weeks for a month now. She finally gets a little break tomorrow, so she needs to get her shopping done. I told her it would be fun to go along. Matt has taken the day off, so he will be able to stay home with Zachariah. I'm sure he'll need a nap after the party.
At some point I should dust, vacuum around the baseboards, and all those other little things, Since our small group Christmas party was cancelled last weekend, we invited everyone over here this Saturday. So, I'll probably spend Friday night and Saturday morning cleaning up.
And sometime before Monday afternoon we need to exchange gifts with our little family. It's easier to do it before we leave for all the family festivities. We usually pick a morning a day or two before we leave and open our gifts then. Our only real options this year are Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. I'm leaning towards Saturday morning. I like the idea of getting Zachariah up and going straight for the presents. Although, I don't know if he'll do that or not. (The kid likes to eat, and he usually wants breakfast right way). Well, we'll figure something out I'm sure.
I'm going to try to keep blogging a little bit through the holidays while we're gone, but I don't know how good I'll be. We will be staying with my parents (who have wireless Internet), so I will plan to take this laptop and check in once in a while. So we'll make do.


Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Oooh, me likey! If I were already in Indiana, I'd drive over and help you decorate! (and eat a few, too)

Mommy Brain said...

How sweet for Matt to surprise you that way! I love my stand mixer's dough hook. That alone makes it worth having. And you can't beat Kitchen Aid for mixers. My dad still has the one that he and my mom received as a wedding gift!

I had to laugh at how you're making blog plans for when you're away. I would be doing the same thing. :-)

d e v a n said...

Aw! I'm glad you love it.

desperate housewife said...

This is the sort of thing that ALMOST makes me want to bake!