Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowy mess

It is just there here today. It's a big snowy mess. I'd say we have 4-6 inches of it's blowing and drifting now. I have a feeling the schools will be closed part (if not all) of this week. I hear that it's going to stay cold and windy, so that makes it rough for them to keep the roads clean.

For today I'm happy just to stay home cozy and warm. Although I did miss not having church today. And our small group Christmas party was cancelled. And when they want to reschedule is when we'll be away. Bummer. Other than that it's OK that we're snowed in with no where else to be.

Yesterday while the snow was still coming down we took Zachariah out to play in it. It was his first time really playing in the snow. A few weeks ago when there was snow, I never got him out in it to just play. He was sick, then it got too cold. But I think it was more fun yesterday, because Matt was home and went out to play with us. He loved us pulling him in the sled. He wore us out dragging him across the yard, but it was worth it to see the smile on his face. Last year he was too little to play much in the snow, plus we didn't get much snow last winter. We took him out once in the baby sled, but Matt hit a snowdrift with it and Zachariah went face-first right into the snow. That was the end of that. Luckily he doesn't remember that trauma. ;) I'll see if I can post a video of the fun later. It was great.

Friday it wasn't snowing and Matt took a day off. We went to Columbus and had a fun day there. We had lunch at BD's Mongolian Barbecue, then shopped Tuttle Crossing Mall. Zachariah got to ride the holiday train there. Then he played at the little kids "playground". That was a new experience for us. I'll write about it sometime.

After the mall we went to the Columbus Zoo to see the WildLights. That was really nice. Zachariah loved it. He was excited to see the "lights, lights, lights" and of course some animals too. Then we finished that trip with a visit to Santa and the model train exhibit. I think those were the highlights of the whole time. He literally ran up to see Santa and sit on his lap (good thing no other kids were waiting right then). So we paid (a fortune) to get a 5x7 photo. It turned out pretty cute. Then the trains....oh, he loves trains. He sat there in awe at all the neat trains going by. It was a really nice display and they let the kids run a train for a little bit.

After we left the zoo there was a lot of crying. This poor boy had gone all day with no complaints and no naps. He had done really well up until that point. We stopped not far from the zoo for a quick supper, but we couldn't get him to stop crying. Finally we convinced him that he could eat, then we'd go home. He ate a little, and then fell asleep less than 2 miles down the road. And he slept until we got back into town. Even though we were all worn out, we had a great time. We don't get out and do as much as we used to since we've had Zachariah. But it is fun doing more this year than last. It's a little easier to pack up for a day away with him. And it's a little easier to drive farther away and not worry about a complete break-down.


K in the Mirror said...

What a great day! I'm jealous you got to eat at BD's. That was one of my very favorites places to go around here and ours closed.
Also, our zoo doesn't do the lights thing anymore, of course this is the year I had decided I was going to take the kids for sure. Oh well. Love that picture of him with Santa!

Saly said...

Great pics! sounds like a great time!

Anonymous said...

I have such snow envy. Adorable picture with Santa!!!