Thursday, December 13, 2007

My week in 5 paragraphs

The snow, the pretty beautiful snow, has all melted. It has been cold and rainy here ALL week! This is way worse than lots of snow. I'd much rather have snow. Rain, in and of itself, is bad, but when it's only 34 degrees and raining...ugh.

I have officially started my holiday baking. I have about 10-12 dozen cutout sugar cookies in the freezer now. All I need to do is decorate them before next Friday. I also made about 5-6 doze peanut butter kiss cookies. And today I plan to make pressed butter cookies. That will probably turn out at least 12 dozen of those. And I still have plans to make several different kinds of fudge and other candies. Whew! I predict a break-down about mid-week next week. Be prepared for complaints.

Luckily we have all our Christmas gifts bought and wrapped. Well, I still need to pick up a little something for our 3 brothers-in-law. That will be easy to get finished.

There's still the little matter of what to use Matt's gift card on now. I have told him that I'd love to have the stand mixer, but he's still looking at other things. It's not so much that or wait for the Wii now. He's thought about buying me jewelry for Christmas (mostly because he likes spoiling me), but I have told him I'd much rather have the mixer. We'll see if I can talk him into it. I was sure wishing I had it already when I started my holiday baking.

Tomorrow Matt took a personal day, because he still had an extra one to use up before the end of the year. We decided to go for lunch and shopping in Columbus. It's been 2 years since I've done that, and I miss it. We used to go several times a year and have a fun time. It will be nice to shop in stores we don't have around here.


d e v a n said...

Man, I want cookies now. Yum

Jana ( said...

Good for you with all the baking! I sure hope you get that mixer to make next year's baking go much faster.

Mommy Brain said...

Is it a coincidence that I get hungry after reading your blog?

I can't believe you have all of your gifts bought and wrapped. Are you Santa Claus? I had my suspicions ever since you posted about the stockings.

Saly said...

I hope you are having fun shopping!!! I can't believe you're done and wrapped either. I am more than jealous.