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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Months Fly By

At this point, if you don't follow me on social media, you may think I didn't survive my vacation with the kids at the beginning of the summer. It's been a while. 

The truth is that we had a great trip, and it truly built my confidence as a mom to two now. It's still hard to believe I have a baby some days. I'm so very blessed. 

This little baby will be 5 months old tomorrow. He is such a joy and bright spot in our family. It's hard to believe one so little could enhance our family so much. He is amazing. 

Not only did I survive that first vacation this summer, but we also ventured on two more over the summer. We spent 5 days away at my parents' house for a family camp out in July. Then we went away as a family for 9 days in August. All great trips, and I think it's much easier to travel with Jonah now while he's little & easy to tote. 

I've learned that we really don't need that much baby gear. Sure it's handy to have the swing, bouncy chair and Bumbo at home, but we can easily survive a week without it. Jonah sleeps great even away from home. He likes to be near me and we use baby carriers (maya sling, Moby wrap, mei tai) a lot. 

Now it's back to school time. Zachariah will be a 2nd grader on Tuesday. Jonah and I will be lost without him at home. He's truly a big help. Jonah thinks he's the greatest thing ever, as a younger brother should. 

Sorry for neglecting this blog. I'm actually contemplating starting a new one, basically combine my two. I think it may help me have a place that meets all my blog needs without feeling like I'm neglecting one or the other. For now I'm limited on time to blog, because I cracked my laptop screen and it is out for repair now. I don't know how long before I'll get it back. I'm very thankful for my smart phone, so I have at least some ways to stay connected. However blogging from a phone isn't as easy as you'd think. 

I will try to keep you all up to date. And when I do switch blogs, I'll be sure to get you the link. I hope that you've all had a great summer too!!


Jana said...

You got a smartphone?!? Now I truly am the last one on the planet without one. ;)

Seriously, I'm glad you guys had a great time on your trips. And Jonah is a cutie. Love those cheeks!

Anonymous said...

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Todd Hicks said...

I'm touched by the photos of your babies.