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Monday, May 6, 2013



So many people, while talking to me, will ask how Zachariah is adjusting to being a big brother. I usually say he's doing well. And well, he was. Then this week we starting having problems.

Zachariah has been a really great big brother. He loves to dote on Jonah. He likes to hold him and take care of him when he can. So far that only involves holding the baby and giving him a bottle. Bit he's happy to help. Zachariah really hasn't acted jealous at all. 

Then in the last week I started getting a bad attitude from Zachariah. It happens usually when Matt isn't around. It's talking back, disobeying, defiance and a general argumentiveness. 

After one particularly bad night, I lost my cool.  There was some yelling on my party, then throwing of toys (he was supposed to be picking up) on his. That bought him a go straight to bed card. Matt was tired of hearing of the bad behavior towards me, so he had a talk with Zachariah the next morning. He was banned to his room the next day after school other than dinner. He was only allowed to read on his bed or think about why he was in trouble. He did sincerely apologize to me when he came out for supper. And that seemed to put an end to the trouble. That and the threat for more things to be taken away if the bad behavior continues (like his field trip next week). 

For now I think we're past this. I knew a time would come when Zachariah tested me. I just don't put up with it. I sure hope he doesn't try it again. There are only 2 full weeks (after this) of school left. Trouble like that might make for a long summer. I'm thankful for Matt's support. And I know that Zachariah is a good kid. I just want to see that side of him only. 


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