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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Personality Preview

I'm curious about something. This is my second pregnancy, so of course I compare it to my first.

This baby boy is very squirmy and wiggly. He's been this way since the first ultrasound we had at 12 weeks. He didn't completely cooperate for our 20 week ultrasound. And as soon as I started feeling him wiggly and kick inside, at about 15 weeks, I haven't stopped feeling him.

Day and night this little guy is moving. Fortunately he's not big enough (or maybe strong) enough to wake me up at night with his movements, but if I'm awake I feel him. I tried to sleep in Saturday morning, but was rudely awaken by a baby bouncing on my very full bladder. I literally jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom (good thing it's not far).

When I was pregnant with Zachariah, I felt him often. But he didn't squirm all the time like this. He seemed then as a laid back, relaxed baby. And he pretty much lived up to that after he was born. It's funny, because I felt like I already knew his personality. Zachariah is still a pretty laid back kid. He takes things as they come and really has been a pretty easy child to parent.

Does that mean this one will be my active, rowdy boy? (Are we in for it this time?)

What has been your experience with how a baby "behaves" in the womb versus their personality after they are born? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this matter.


jen(melty) said...

I think it's about right. My first moved ok, she's neither here nor there ... my 2nd was always moving, squirming, kicking.. and he cannot sit still and none of us like him in bed/on the couch when we are just trying to cuddle and watch tv because he cannot. sit. still! My 3rd squirmed and pushed, and he'd push back at me, get mad at my laptop on the belleh... and it really "annoyed" me when he moved.. and well let's just say a) he's a PITA , b) we butt heads and c) he spends hours jumping up and down in the same spot, hahaha.

andria said...

I first felt Jacob at 12 weeks and he never ever stopped again until he exited the womb. I taught second grade at the time and my students were mesmerized because they could see my belly move most of the day. It was a huge joke at school that he had ADHD, but in reality, he truly does. I had to rent a doppler just to be sure Adam was alive between appointments, he never moved and as a baby he never cried or anything, just watched everyone. He's making up for that now though, because i think he caught the ADHD.

d e v a n said...

I don't think it's set in stone or anything, but I do think it can definitely be a preview!
All of mine were pretty active, and still are, but I remember my oldest ALWAYS being most active in the middle of the night. I don't know if it's coincidence that he was a terrible TERRIBLE sleeper or not.

bluedaisy said...

I agree with the idea of knowing you baby's personality, even in utero. It has proven true with all 3 of mine!